(Madman Tonight is filmed in front of a live studio audience)

(Applause as a Scholar's Cap-wearing pipe-tokin' Sheogorath-looking motherf*cker sits down in the comfy leather armchair with the Oghma Infinium. His man-servant Dave, who looks oddly like Christopher Lloyd, stands beside him with a chalkboard.)

Madman97 (snapping the book shut and taking the pipe out of his mouth): Oh. Hello! I didn't see you there. I was just reading the Oghma Infinium, which harbors a great number of secrets. It's like Daedric Tabloids! Oh, and its cover is also made from the skins of different species.

Dave: Now how cool is that, kids?

Madman97: You're all probably wondering why I have a chalkboard and a book containing the secrets of Mundus. Well, if my calculations are correct, it is now approximately six days since Doc went into the future on October 21st, 2015. While it would have been cooler to actually release this interview on that day, gathering data takes time, and I don't have a Delorean or a Dragon Break to go back to change that. But in honor of us finally reaching the future--a time I never quite thought I would even reach with all the speculation about flying cars, fax machines, and dog-walking robots--I would like to examine the mysteries of the Elder Scrolls universe with a little healthy dose of science.

There are many applicable loremasters here on the wikia, and since it would be tacky to interview myself, I saw fit to ask a number of others to join me here tonight on--

                                                                            MADMAN T

Madman97: I wasn't finished!...Anyway, a number of loremasters were asked and a number respectfully passed, but we managed to reach one that I think we will enjoy having here tonight on...


Madman97: Tonight on...

(sign fizzles)

                                                                        MADT ONAMTJF

Madman97: I need to get that thing fixed...DAVE!!!

(Dave holds up a board that reads, "HELP," to the audience)

Audience:                                                         MADMAN TONIGHT!!!

The Interview

(Vivec him/herself walks up onto the stage and levitates on his/her legs)


Madman97: Ooh, Mr. Cool.

Dave: Actually, that's Bluesonic1.

Madman97 (also levitates): Two can play at that game.


Madman97: Bluesonic1, my my my. Thank you so much for agreeing to do this. This is one discussion I have wanted to have with someone for a long time. And I admit I had my skepticism when asking you, but I think everyone will be surprised at how knowledgeable and passionate you really are about this stuff. Normally, people get interviewed here because they contribute to editing and are major staff members, but I set out with a goal in mind to bring anyone who is on this website here at least once to celebrate why we're all here in the first place: The game.

Before we move onto the bigger questions that have boggled my mind, let's get into a little warm-up. Stretch the legs. When did you start really getting into the lore while playing the games? Is it something you've always found interesting?

On Lore

Bluesonic1: Lore is something I've always been into, regardless of the game. I love reading, and discovering new things, especially so in a game because you get to actually interact with this world that you read about. As for TES lore, the Dwemer stuff is what got me officially hooked! I think it's something that catches many because of its controversial and mysterious nature.

Madman97: Aha! Good, we're on the same page then.

Dave: It's because you don't have any other questions to ask besides, "Oh, where'd the Dwemer go?"

Madman97: It's heavy stuff, Doc! Go on, Blue!

Bluesonic1: The other thing that got me fully hooked was delving into the lore regarding Skyrim's Civil War. When I first started playing the game, I was actually more on the Imperial side, complaining about the "racist Nords". In fact I hated them so much, I was annoyed that the majority of marriage candidates were Nords, whom I wanted to avoid.

Dave: Does anyone remember Lord Hadron?

Bluesonic1: But I don't make decisions lightly so I decided to do some out of game research into more background lore on Ulfric himself as well as the Nord culture. The amount of stuff the game doesn't tell you about these topics unless you dig deep is ridiculous- after reading all that I did, I quickly changed to the Stormcloak side and haven't looked back since. My other lore passion now lies in the different languages of the TES universe. Languages are again something I've always been heavily obsessed with, especially if they have unique or different scriptures for writing them.

Dave: Great Scott, a fellow language enthusiast. Have you ever heard of Wagiman? It's a language spoken by fewer than ten people on Earth, native to aboriginal people in Australia.

Madman97: I speak several languages: English, French, Portuguese, some Japanese, and Real Sh*t.

Dave: Bar-ma me-ge lawel now! That means "Put your swag down."

Madman97: They have a word for swag in Wagiman?

Dave: There's all kinds of weird sh*t in their dictionary. Mostly about old men crapping themselves. That's not a joke either. I researched Wagiman for a book, and I looked over their dictionary online. Look it up! Pretty cool stuff though. Lots of cool myths and gods.

Madman97: Which brings me to my next question. Blue, what is your favorite pantheon within the different Elder Scrolls religions? If so, who is your favorite god within them? What do you like about them?

Bluesonic1: Would probably be the modern Nord/Imperial one, simply because it's the one I'm most used too, really. That and I agree with the Nords in that I don't believe the Daedra should be worshipped- they've demonstrated many times over that they treat their followers like crap. I'd rather do business with them (my questionable ethics coming into play here)--


Bluesonic1:-- or avoid them altogether. Favorite god? It's kind of a tie between three: Akatosh, Talos and Kynareth. Kynareth simply because it relates to me personally- Nature is of utmost importance to me--which is one of the reasons I studied biology at a university; so that I could look after animals and plants with great care and understand them better. Akatosh and Talos are kinda on the same tier; Akatosh for the role he plays in Skyrim being essentially the "father" to the Dragonborn. Talos for me, mantling theory aside, I feel I relate to on a roleplay level with my character- -he is essentially another form of Akatosh in my opinion, being man and dragon. Akatosh is just more "dragon" (considering this is the form he takes as an Avatar) whereas Talos is more "man". I do include other Dragonborns (or Ysmir) along with this Talos image. I guess I like 'Talos' because he's the most interesting of the gods in this particular pantheons- -So many different theories with the majority of them being likely to be correct.

Madman97: Mantling. Always fun to discuss.

Dave: *cough*argue*cough*

Madman97: Well, we have gods down, and since you've made it clear you don't see Daedric Princes as such, what is your favorite among them, BESIDES the obvious one.

Bluesonic1: Haha, Sheogorath is actually in bottom of my "favourite Daedras" category.

(Legitimate Gasp)

Bluesonic!: Again, it's a close tie, but I probably have to say Hircine is my favourite. The whole hunting theme, the thrill of the chase and the game that is the hunt, really resonates with me. Thinking about it further, I don't specifically refer to "hunting" as the actual hunt of a human going and chasing down an animal. A hunt is so much more than that, and is much more broad in its meaning. It can describe the act of pursuing a love interest, or a collector's journey to find that rare item they've been searching for. It can describe the act of reporting a big event as you have to hunt down your information and search for sources. The hunt is always a journey, sometimes alone or shared with a "pack", and is a game in itself as well has having a reward at the end of the tunnel.

As you get better at the hunt, you can start practicing "trick moves" to make this more interesting, like calling upon friends to help you with something or attempting to tactfully reach out to someone you don't know to ask them for information. The thrill of the hunt is what makes achievements that much sweeter! That aside, I've always loved werewolves and wolves in general, so points there to Hircine, heheh.


Bluesonic1: The close tie is with Hermaeus Mora, but this one I feel that a lot of wiki people relate to so it's not that interesting- the obsession with finding and obtaining knowledge. Oh, can't forget a special mention to Jyggalag for the whole mystery thing I enjoy again.

Madman97: I applaud you, as does my audience, for having such diversity! Hircine is definitely one of the princes I would like to see more. Something about him fascinates me too. Your personal description of your liking of him is nothing short of wonderful, and though Hircine can often be Daedric, what with hunting mortals during Bloodmoon and such for sport, he definitely falls onto the more neutral side of the spectrum. And old Hermy, well, I see more of him from the H.P. Lovecraft novels I have on my shelf whenever I feel the urge to quell my thirst for knowledge and the horrible truths of the universe. Before we move on, we're going to have to take a break, because our next few questions would extend this interview past the breaking point, so this will be a two-parter, the first of its kind! So take a minute to stand up, recuperate, maybe make a sandwich, and we'll be right back!


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