(Madman Tonight is filmed in front of a live studio audience)

Good evening. From the outskirts of the Shivering Isles, in a secluded place outside of Sheogorath's influence simply known as Rantyland, comes the weird English Elder Scrolls Blogger who probably takes his character too far. So without further ado, please welcome your host...



and also Dave. 


Madman97: Hello one and all and welcome to our brand new blog series Madman Tonight! To keep it easy for you, since this is a rather lengthy blog, I'll divide it into sections to read at a time so you're not overwhelmed. 


Madman97: Yeah! We are back from Generation X user obscurity to pick up the mantle passed onto us by User: Emperor Jarjarkine, who as you might know, conducted interviews with various people on this wonderful site. He asked me to keep the fires stoked while he moves on to other responsibilities that demand his attention (as well as becoming one of our new administrators) Let's give him a hand for a job well done, folks. 


Madman97: And not only are we going to pick up the interviews. We are going to make them better than ever. And for this special occasion, I have brought in my best mate through college and guest appearance regular, Dave. How are you doing this fine evening? 

Dave: Doing good. Glad to be back. 

Madman97: You actually haven't been on the site since Jarjar interviewed us, right? It's only fitting one brings you back. But the difference between this interview and that particular one is that this one is not about us. No, we are here to talk to the two self-proclaimed weirdo's of the chat room and members of the staff, Users RenzXVI and QueenFinelia. Let's bring 'em out here tonight on...

                                                                          MADMAN TONIGHT

The Interview


(A female khajiit and a Nordic Female dressed for battle come onstage and sit down

Madman97(looking over his interview sheet): Now Renz, it says on your profile your character is a skooma addict-- 

Dave: I'm looking over possible drug jokes on the internet, check these out. What do you call a person addicted to crack and pot? A crack-pot. How about this one? What does a drug addict dream about Christmas? Doesn't matter, the punch line isn't funny. 


Madman97: What is black on the outside and white on the inside?

Dave: Whitney Houston's nose? 

Madman97 and Dave: Bad-um Tsh! 


On Wikia

Madman97: Ah ha ha...Ok guys, moving on to the actual interview...You two have been making waves starting here as more prominent members of the wiki. For users so new, both of you actually creating your user on the same day, May 27th, 2015--Weird coincidence--it's unusual to see them become chat mods and site regulars so quickly. I spent months as a user here before I went on chat! 

Dave: And then everything went to sh*t. If you would've minded your own business, we would still be in business and none of the crap that followed the 1st User Recession in late 2013 would have happened.


Madman97: Too true. But Renz, Queen, how did you come to be on this site and where do you get your drive? 

RenzXVI: I started playing Skyrim, sometime back in March, so I am also fairly new at playing the game. I've always liked reading about all the TV Shows / movies that I watch, things I do, games I play, so When I started playing Skyrim, I have been doing a lot of reading on this Wiki. At first, I thought the forums were inactive because Skyrim had been released several years ago, then I stumbled upon an article page with a thread preview at the bottom, which had a post dated very recently. I immediately did some forum reading and found out that this place was actually active. I've always been eager to join in on forums, facebook groups and the-like, so when I found the forum and the chat, I instantly became an active user. I love the game and it's pleasant to discuss it with people who share the same interests that I have, and since I am a part of the community, I believe it is just natural to help others, as they help me whenever I need it. 

Madman97: Oh, that just warms the heart. Queen, what about you? What made you so enthusiastic to join our ranks?

QueenFinelia: Thanks! Like probably many others, I found this wiki on google. I was having problems with Skyrim so I posted on the forums many times. Eventually I decided to sign up for an account because I kept forgetting to check what I posted later and thus never read the answer to my questions. Then I found the chat and found awesome people and decided this is where I wanna hang out. 

Madman97: Dare I mention the reason I found myself here? I got stuck on the stone vaults with the dragon claws. Didn't know the answer was on the claw. 


Dave:...Heh heh heh. That never gets old.  

Madman97: Well, whatever our reason for being here, it is nice to see users go the extra mile and become staff. What made you guys want to become a chat mod? Was there any trouble or nervousness taking it on? 

RenzXVI: To be honest, at first, I didn't have any thoughts on becoming a chat mod because of how "weird" and childish I can be on the chatroom, but after having several encounters with spammers / trolls on the chat, I decided to start reading the rules and help out by reporting the trouble makers to the admins / staff. After a while of helping out, a few users have pointed out that I could do good as a chat moderator. I gave it some thought and when I finally qualified, I wrote an application. Before I sent the application, I was afraid that people might think I am too "weird" to take on the job, but the amount supporters who voted for me, and lack of opposes, gave me confidence that I can take on the job.

Madman97: I honestly haven't seen anything to suggest you're as weird as you claim, Renz. You seem pretty ordinary to me. 

Dave: I couldn't say. Never met the guy, or gal. 

Madman97: The khajiit is female...Though I am pretty sure Renz is a dude...One of those players, huh? That's cool. Anyway, Queen, same question. 

QueenFinelia: I’ve always wanted to be a mod but at the same time I didn’t want something that would consume all my time and energy and I feel a chat mod is perfect. I can continue just as I have before in the, I just have a bit of power now. Yes there were a few people who were against me becoming a mod, saying that I’m too quick to judge so I would judge people too harshly maybe but the support was overwhelming. Not at all, this is something I’ve always wanted to do. 

Dave: You bring up a good point, Queen. Becoming staff on this site is a time consuming job, and I honestly find it amazing we have administrators and other people who come on here every day to make sure this site keeps rolling. I'm not at all surprised others have left the way they did. 

Madman97: But we don't mean to open old wounds. What matters is that we have a fresh batch of users who are ready to help out, despite Queen's supposed behavioral problems.  

Dave: I haven't seen one user here without a behavioral flaw, and as a guy who took classes in Sociology for an easy A, it is rather interesting seeing how others react to that during voting sessions with staff.  

Madman97: I took Creative Writing as an easy A my freshman year, and we all got to see the result on here. On the rare occasion Dave is right, cause and effect on this website has been something of a marvel for us to witness. The drastic change, the constant flux not unlike the kind Karl Marx said kept things constantly moving (f***ing commies), it's hard to put down something permanent. Renz, Queen, do you have any ideas on how to improve this site for days to come? 

RenzXVI: Being a chat mod is fairly simple: welcome chat users, answer their questions, be friendly and spend some time with them to build up the chat community, maybe encourage them to help out too, and of course, to kick / ban the trouble makers. On a personal note, I came here on the wiki searching for knowledge, and I believe the chat is not just a place to hang out, but also a tool to learn about editing and how the wiki works, et cetera. With the knowledge I have gathered, I've recently been able to help edit a few articles, and in time, I believe I will be able to do much more. 

Dave: Not exactly specific but I think we're on the right track. If all else fails, improving articles is always a good option.

QueenFinelia: I don't know if there’s anything more I can do because of my position that I couldn’t before, but we definitely need better articles and more articles, so I’m planning to update all the missing info I can on my next Skyrim play-through and probably Oblivion and Morrowind too if I ever finish them. 

Madman97: Whoa! Back up, Queen! You play Morrowind? And it's no secret our Morrowind articles could use some work. Hey CCC, I think we have a good candidate for the Morrowind Guild. 

Dave: That would actually be excellent. I think one of the main grips UESP has about us is the quality of our Morrowind articles next to the community. It's ok guys, we still love you.  

Madman97: Do you guys feel that the UESP is better in any way? Especially when it comes to Morrowind?

Queen Finelia: Well, as you probably know the quest and map system is terrible in Morrowind and especially since the quest articles are way more detailed on UESP, while playing Morrowind I usually use it for help. Other than that I don’t really like the site that much. 

Madman97: You cushioned the blow some, but I still feel the sting of traitorous intention. Renz? 

RenzXVI: Hmmm... Let's just say that Internet Explorer has been around much longer and had always been there for everyone, but Google Chrome had managed to build a good reputation which attracts lots of users, several of whom, actually doesn't use Internet Explorer, unless their Google Chrome crashes. 


On Elder Scrolls

Madman97: We're going to take advantage of that answer and leave that one alone forever. Moving right along to our more Elder Scrolls game related questions, we here in the audience would love to hear what your favorite in the series is, how long you've been playing, and your preferred class. Renz, you already mentioned you've only been playing around six months. What about you, Queen?

QueenFinelia: I started with Skyrim in 2013 I think, so not that long. My brother actually originally got Skyrim and begged me to try it. I’ve never been into a fighting type game before that; the only video game I’d played before that was Sims 3… Now I’m the one obsessed with Skyrim. My fav TES game is Morrowind. I don't know why but I just love it. I’ve always liked mages; magic is one of my huge passions. 

Dave: Morrowind to me is a trip back to early 2000s gaming and I think it's my favorite in the series as well, in terms of both gameplay and storytelling. You just don't see it anymore. I think we lost an appreciation for the heavy lore it had as we moved forward. 

Madman97: Oblivion may take the cake for me. And so does the mage warrior class.

RenzXVI: I've always liked using magic whenever it's available in a game that I play, so I played as a mage in Skyrim.

Madman97: Fist-bump. 


Dave: And speaking of the games, I think they have been playing long enough to know a thing or two about the Elder Scrolls universe, Madman. How about we ask them a lore question? 

Madman97: A tremendous idea, dear Davey! Let's start with something simple, like where do you think the Dwemer went? 

RenzXVI: Since I only play Skyrim, this would be a tough question... My first theory was that the animunculi had turned on their masters, but if that were the case, where are the bodies? It's most likely that the Dwemer has been banished from the mortal world, by the gods that they've refused to worship. 

Dave: Huh, now that is actually something we haven't really heard of before: The Dwemer's robots turning against them. It's rather unique. 

QueenFinelia: I heard this theory not long ago, I can’t exactly remember how it goes but they find some kinds of powerful evil magic(or a god or something) and it wiped all Dwemer from the face of Nirn. Straight out of existence. 

Madman97:...Well, you did say the only game you played before Skyrim was Sims 3.

Dave: Nah man, Sims Castaway. 

Madman97: That game is badass. Alright, we'll go with something a little more familiar. How about favorite Daedric Prince, as if we didn't already know the answer. 

RenzXVI: Sheogorath! We are all prisoners within our own minds, bound by logic and reason... Only insanity can set us free! 

QueenFinelia: I have 2: Sheogorath because you interact with him most of all in the games. Meridia because she’s the good Daedric Prince and I love her beacon and Dawnbreaker. Also in one of my favorite series W.I.T.C.H. there’s a city called Meridian, so Meridia makes me think of W.I.T.C.H. 

Dave: At least one of them had another Daedric Prince besides Sheogorath. 

Madman97: Cousin Sheo is all well and good, but I prefer Old Uncle Sanguine. But Dave, I think it's time.

Dave: Indeed. Lights! 

(Lights shut off, leaving nothing but spotlights on the four. The crowd rustles in excitement)

The Serious Questions

Madman97 (folding his hands and crossing his legs in a delightfully Sheogorath fashion): Now Renz and Queen, kid stuff is over. Now we get to the serious questions...Have you ever heard of Wabbajack Grinding? 

RenzXVI: No... I don't have any idea on how a person grinds their Wabbajack, but I did meet Sheogorath. He told me something about "giving a Wabbajack" and about "his staff". Something, something... Oh, and cheese exploded all over the place... 

QueenFinelia: Nope. Explain! Explain!!!! (That was a Dalek reference, by the way).

(The audience see naught but a single tear from Madman97's eye, glistening on his cheek. In a glint from a flashing camera, the tear is gone and the lights are on


Madman97: Final question! Considering the boisterous antics of Alduin, proclaiming to be a first born of Akatosh and others claim that he is the destructive aspect of Time...what is your opinion on the conflict between Palestine and Israel?

QueenFinelia: To my shame I have to say I don’t follow the news so I don't know anything about it.

RenzXVI: I believe, Alduin should be a responsible "first born" and give the younger folks some "time" to chill out...

Madman97:...Ah, well, it was a long shot.  

Dave: I think since no one got the Bojack Horseman reference, it's as good a place as any to stop.


Madman97: And that concludes our interview! Let's give a big hand for our guests here and we will see you next time on Madman Tonight! Remember, if you want to be interviewed, drop a line at my talk page and we can sort something out. Questions are personalized for specific users and I do two at a time so everyone gets in here. We like to do categorized users (for example, both of them here were chat mods and relatively new here), so if you're a loremaster, a staff member, or just an average joe, feel free to jump on the bandwagon! 

Dave: Goodnight audience! Thanks for bringing me back out here! 

Madman97: And goodnight wikia. See you real soon. 


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