Hey everyone. Excited for the season finale? I bet you are. Well, guess what, I have a special announcment. You know how you get a prize if you guess the topic correctly? Well Now, to up the Ante, IF YOU GUESS THE TOPIC OF THE SEASON FINALE RANT, YOU GET TWO PRIZES, TWO COMPLETLEY MYSTERIOUS PRIZES THAT YOU CAN WIN!!!

SO, guess, Guess, GUESS!!! 

To give you guys a hint to it, I will compile a list of guesses by You, The fans, that are wrong and you can rule out.

1) Lack of Magic spells, Already did that one in my earlier blogs

2) Lack of Calipers and Tongs

Hope that helps everybody. I'll be waiting until the time is right to make the season finale. All new rants, humor, suspence, all that S***. So, while I will be chilling, you people keep guessing below. I might make an official guess list in the blogs sometime, so if you see it, go there and guess. If there is a guess list, your guesses will only count if its on that list. If not, feel free to comment here, and when I get to the list, I will add your entries myself. Awesome, arn't I? 

Stay tuned, and saty suspensful. If your having trouble guessing, just look at this nonexistant picture below, and just take comfort that while you suffer while guessing, I will be doing other stuff. That is an encouraging thought. Stay Ranty everybody.