Hello again everyone, it is I, the Madman97, and I am not here to continue the rant series of "You know what really grinds my Wabbajack?" Don't worry, more will be coming, but before I find yet another thing to nitpick, I am here to discuss two theories I have developed in a discussion over who was more powerful, Aedra or Daedra. I find that these theories explain a lot of things and I will explain them both in depth. Remember, these are just theories. Feel free to add onto it or come up with your own theory and share it in the comments below. Without further ado, let's dive right into the Daedra Time Theory.

Daedra Time Theory

 This theory got off the ground as we started to question the power of the Aedra. In the discussion, we established that the Aedra, or the Divines, heavily weakened themselves reating Mundus, and thus were incapacitated. However, even in their sleep, they are down but not out. Many considerable testaments to their power are notable, for example, a certain dragon avatar used to defeat Mehrunes Dagon. This erupted into an argument over which side had more power. Another testamen to the Divines power was when the Amulet of Kings was destroyed, the barrier between Nirn and Oblivion would hol forever, blocking any chance of a Daedra returning. Now this is a bit odd, as you have many encounters with the Daedra in Skyrim. Is the barrier fading? Are the Aedra just to weak? I presume, Not So!

 Now see here, one example of a daedra physically coming into the world, a daedric prince no less, is Nocturnal, when you complete the Theives Guild Quest. She wasn't there for very long was she? So maybe the barrier still works, but Daedra can only still bypass the barrier for only a short period of time. That would explain why summoned dremora or atronachs dissapear after a short while. But the barrier works all the same. It prevents full fledged invasion, as the daedra can only stay for only a tiny bit of time. That goes for the other Daedric Princes too. They either talk through their statues, which is most of them, and the ones that do appear do not stay for an extended amount of time. However, Daedra are still just as dangerous as before because they can still influene and bend people to their will andstill manage to send their artifacts through. Though Daedric in origin, a simple artifact would not be nearly as powerful as the Daedric Prince to which it is attributed, therefore the barrier might actually ignore the artifact in question. That concludes this theory. On to the next one!

Daedra Home Theory

 This theory came up in the same discussion as before, and we were still arguing over who was more powerful. The theory essentially is, when a powerful individual is used to being a certain realm, like an Aedra in Aethirus or  a Daedra in Oblivon, one does not adapt well to being outside that realm, and is thus weakened. In the thread, it is stated numerous times that Mehrunes Dagon was in another realm when he was attacking Nirn and thus was weakened because he was away from his homeland, and as Lorkhan probably wasn't used to walking to Nirn just yet, as he was soon killed after it was created, soon by god terms anyways, therefore he could have been weak enough for Trinimac to kill him and rip him asunder, throwing the heart down the crapper, theoretically speaking. Also, when Boethia and Trinimac were fighting, Boethia was also at half strength, as it was on Nirn as well, away from its home like Trinimac. So, therefore, they were both equals in strength. In a lot of sources, it is said that Boethia didn't directy defeat Trinimac with force, but trickery, deceiving Trinimac to going inside Boethia's mouth and was transformed into Malacath.

So bringing up my Home Theory, the argument that can be made is this.     Neither is stronger than the other. Without the creation of Nirn, a divine would still be invincible unless deceived by another Divine, thus any Daedric Prince foolish enough to challenge an Aedra at full strength would be obliterated, but the Aedra were weakened by Mundus's creation, and theoretically places them at equal power with the Daedra, kind of like how a speach option with Clavicus Vile in Skyrim reveals that since he is at half power, him and the dragonborn are equals. Now, Clavicus Vile is the Daedric Prince of power correct? So you would expect him to have some right? Even if your dragonborn is really freaking powerful, he can still be killed pretty easily if fought by a higher foe, and if you double that strength, you are at a daedric princes level. So equationally speaking here: 2= Dragonborn 2+2= Daedric Prince. 6-2= Incapacitated Aedra.  So by the evidence of the Home theory, one cannot assume one is more powerful than the other. They are two sides of the same coin, but one must flip the coin in a way to make sure the other does not come out on top, whatever your desire for who wins may be, and a good general knows when to pick his battles, and the battle between an Aedra and a Daedra, an epic battle I would say, will be decided on who can outsmart the other and pick a battlefield away from the opponents home. So, the argument will boil down to, "Who is the most clever?"   Thank you for readinf, and please comment below on what you think!