UPDATE: New details on the DLC have been released:

The game will be released on PC/Mac on May 31st, and on Xbox One/PlayStation 4 on June 14th. It's free if you have an ESO Plus subscription, but otherwise it will cost 2000 Crowns Icon Crowns in the Crown Store. External links with even more information can be seen below.

Madman here, *cough* with the news.

(Madman97 takes a hit from his fatty blunt and hits the television prompter remote in his interview studio. This video pops up)

Sorry, no Dave today, but I've got something just as depraved to show ya'. Turns out, people still play The Elder Scrolls Online. Believe me, I'm just as surprised as you are. But it looks like for among the five still palling around Tamriel a new DLC will be available: The Elder Scrolls Online: Dark Brotherhood. Yeah, you remember those creepy types from Skyrim and Oblivion. Though my spies haven't got word on the price tag yet, the developers I kidnapped and tortured have told me that PAX East will be demonstrating a showcase in the Cyrodil Room, with exclusive video clips and the presence of the staff I left alive.

One can presume that it will be available on Xbox/PS4-- *takes hit* Ahem, 'scuse me--and it will come in two parts, with the patch and the actual content, a summary of which I will give a moment.

(Madman97 bites the blunt for a moment and pulls out a list. He adjusts his cool shades to see better)

Yes, well, this is it:

  • Revisit Kvatch and Anvil for nostalgia. Because Kvatch offered a whole lot in Oblivion after you completed, like, the first three main story missions.
  • Hours of exciting story content--Pffft, I'm sorry, I can't even finish that sentence.
  • New Brotherhood contracts and sacraments.
  • New group bosses to fight.
  • Skill lines, costumes for when you're going through that phase, item sets all exclusive to the Dark Brotherhood.

More information can be found here. Try not to cut yourself on that edge. *cough* Hey, happy 420...Well, in pacific time.

(Note: Be responsible, kids. Don't smoke. Kill people for a zombie instead)