Hello again people, it's me Madman97, come to give you yet another theory on some of the Elder Scrolls Lore. Recently, Ive noticed that somepeople don't read my blog because they're too long, so I'll try to keep it short and sweet, but still try to explain with as much detail as possible. So without further ado, let's dive right in.

The Elder Scrolls and the Daedra

 What this theory will primarily discuss is the theory on which thing is older and will build off of my previous theory of Jyggalag possibly being the author of the Elder Scrolls. But first, we must look at who is older? The Daedra or the Elder scrolls. The difference between the to is that we have a general idea of how the Daedra came to be. Padomay's blood apparently created them. It's a whole complicated myth, and it might not be even true, but it's our only lead, so let's just go with it. To save time, I won't go into that. The Elder Scrolls on the other hand, we know almost nothing about, except that they are apparently pieces of creation and fortell the future and the past. They do not exist and exist at the same time, and are outside the understanding of men and mer. Only the Dwemer could maybe find out their secrets, and they're gone. Since we do not know about the creation of the elder scrolls, it can put the "birth" date at anywhere. 

 One must start to evaluate when some kind of epic event on a infinite scale has happened to possibly spawn something as odd and out of Time as the Elder Scrolls, which are able to swim through Time like water, bringing up the Dragon Breaks. But what event could have caused them to be? The battle between Padomay and Anu is a likely candidate, but according to the book Sithis, Anu wasn't anything, just stagnant light, while Sithis is a bringer of change. When they collided and the Aedra and Daedra were brought into being, change had begun, thus setting off a certain timeline. However, one must take into account that there probably was no Time at that point, as Mundus had not yet been created, so Time had not yet come to pass. Then comes Akatosh, God of Time. Surey he could have written them. I rather doubt it. I don't think any of the Aedra could have written it. Because the events in the Elder Scrolls are uncertain until they are locked in the writing, this represents change, and the Aedra are beings of Eternal Stasis. Now we get to Jyggalag. Some of you would point out that Jyggalag is more Aedric than Daedra, based off of what Sheogorath told you, so why do I think he wrote them?

  Well, it's quite simple really. The reason Sheogorath stated he was more Aedric is becaus is sphere is more Aedric in terms of what they do. Order. Stasis. All the same thing. And it is known that Jyggalag has recorded everything there ever was or ever will be, Daedric or Man, as stated by Dyus. Because he knows all, nothing is out of the ordinary for Jyggalag, thus he views the progress of Time as simply Order. And this would also explain why Elder Scroll prophecies lock in once they are written, because Jyggalag knows what is going to pass. Because Jyggalag has all this knowledge of things, it is safe to assume in some ways that he was the first of the Daedric Princes, gathering all knowledge around them and recording the actions of his future bretheran. Thus, the theory is that he is Older than the Elder Scrolls, but the other Daedra are not, though it is just as likely that they all cme t be at the same time and he just recorded what he saw around him, but i'm just thinking outside the box.

 So that puts that birth of the Elder Scrolls somewhere in the Mythic Era, before Mundus, after Padomay and Anu. Or maybe the Elder Scrolls were just simply there from the beginning. But, that's unlikely, so I hope this theory provided some insight, and tell me what ya think below. Stay Mad.