Insanity. Insane. Crazy. Off your Rocker. Many words are used to decribe the supposed affliction that plagues some people, including me. But it is far from an infliction, for we have attained a true way to see life. 

OK, Insane Lingo aside, Man of Steak and me are trying to out-mad each other, trying to see if his Derpy Steak Dragon stands up to the might of the Men of the Rant. And so, an Idea popped into my head. Why not see who is more insane? And try to test your Madness here! 

A contest of Madness if you will. I will provide riddles for you to solve, and if you solve them, I will deem you more insane than I, the highest honor a man of the rant can give, plus a little something extra for you in the Wabbajack Grinding Series. Also, you can even provide crazy experiences you have went through before, in game or in real life, and you could be elligible for the most maddening person on this wiki. 

But be warned, because madness is in all of us, and since I am king of it, it doesn't lose. But try if you can. Remember, you must answer all three to win!

Riddle 1: There is no place to hide in a world of insanity. Where do you hide?

Riddle 2: There is a window you are going through leading to nothing. What is through the window?

Riddle 3: Oh madness, madness, sweet as you fall,

              on the tongue, a poison, are you most of all.

             So if madness is great, but not all the same,

             which way is better? It's driving me insane!

I'll leave the rest to you, fellow madmen.