Five games in, with a coming online RPG that I am very much looking forward to, especially a chance to take a crack at being emperor of all of Cyrodil, and we have witnessed the intervention of powerul forces known as Daedric Princes. Most of you know what these are. Some are evil, some are not so evil, (A twinge bit evil still), and som are dang hilarious and a lot of fun, (i.e. Sheogorath and Sanguine). That's all well and good, but since Bethesda has unfortunatly announced that they are moving away from Skyrim, from which, some say impossibly so, I have run out of things to do, I have set my sights on the future of the Elder Scrolls franchise. Now, I know that we might have to wait a couple years before Bethesda has the Elder Scrolls gears turning again after Online, and with the release of Fallout 4, they will be quite busy, I am thinking of a storyline to go with the Elder Scrolls 6. Now, we've had our fair share of Daedra, but what about Aedra? The Nine Divines themselves. Given that the creation of Nirn has incapacitated most of them, they have appeared to be absent from the world, but we know they exist. Such examples of their power have been found all over. But a physical form of them would be unbelievably cool, wouldn't you think? After all, the closest thing we have to a physical divine as of right now is Alduin, worshipped as the Nordic God of Destruction, respectivly. Unfortunatly, Alduin is more or less just a dragon @$$hole.

    First, where and when could an actual interactable Divine, (Im thinking Talos is the most likely to be able t actually speak to) be found? What location? We have yet to see a fully fleshed out Summerset Isles, High Rock, Hammerfell, or Black Marsh. Forgive me if I am incorrect in this. I have never played Daggerfall or Arena, so I dont know what goes on there. Given the history of the empire, I would say Hammerfell. Summerset Isles would be an interesting choice. To meet Talos in a place where everyone despises him, (The Elves of the Thalmor), would be an interesting turn of events. 

   Then, there is the question of how. As the end of the civil war quest in Skyrim gave the notion that the Thalmor is lurking behind the shadows and are planning some devious idea on how to take down the empire, something they could have done perhaps? Perhaps the very tomb of Talos himself? Maybe they distrubed a highly magical object and disturbed Talos? This is the part where I am most unsure of. Any ideas are appreciated.

    Then, the question of which Aedra? I already stated Talos would be the most likely, but people actually dispute whether or not he was just a man or not, so he could be off the table, at least for now. But the others. What about them. Akatosh was always my favorite. God of Time and all. We already had a glimpse of the avatar when Martin kicked Mehrunes Dagon's Daedric @$$ with Akatosh, but a physical persona of Akatosh would be much appreciated. Dibella? I don't think Bethesda will revert back to the days when you could see a women naked, (Dang it), so she might be off the table, unless she wears something, then Mara, (Honestly, who likes Mara?), I dont think so. Arkay? Well, he is an interesting case. There is a man on the Dawnguard who claims Arkay actually talks to him. While no proof of it is given, I think it is very fascinated and should be considered. Who knows? Maybe Arkay isn't as incapacitated as we thought. He would certaintly be a nice choice. Julianos? God of wsdom. It would be nice to speak to him and his wisdomous ways. Stendaar. Maybe. Not sure about him. Zenithar? Also unsure. Kynareth. I dont think anyone was ever interested in her either.

           Now that's well and good, I will leave it to interested people on which theories they can come up with, but we must have some sort of an antagonist. Who would oppose the Divines themselves? The Thalmor? Maybe, but really only Talos. Perhaps another Daedric Prince, of course. We've had Mehrunes Dagon, we are going to have Molag Bal in Online. We've had quite a lot of Sheogorath in Oblivion, but not as an antagonist. Could be very fascinating. While the Gods represent same-ness and all that nonsense, Sheogorath represents chaos and change, as do most of the daedric princes. But again, we have had quite a lot of him. Malacath seems to honorable to be an enemy. Sanguine....heh, no. What is he going to do, party them to death? Could be fun, but thats not what I had in mind. Clavicus Vile...Doesnt seem to fit. Peryite...Actually, that would be awesome. Often the most overlooked Daedric Prince, as well as being regarded as the weakest, he could be angry with this and set out to find himself more power, found by killing off one of the divines if possible. Pretty cool. Could provide a little more insight to him. Hermaous Mora, the douche with tentacles. Granted, I like him, but he seems pretty content wit his knolwedge and stuff. Vearmina, Meridia, Azura, and Boethia. All dont seem like the antagonist type...Well, not true. They seem very much the type, or at least Vearmina and Boethia, but I think they're lame. Who else am I missing. Not sure, but let me know!

   So, that's about it. It was just an idea and I would love to hear the ideas others have on this subject ad the theories they have to tell. See ya!