Hello again audience, its me Madman97 and I am here to give you yet another thoery. This one was suggested to me by fellow Wikian Man of Steak, and I found it interesting. Without further ado, let's dive right in.

The Primordial Theory

Padomay and Anu are dual opposites, often classified as brothers. Padomay represented everything good and light, while Sithis was the polar opposite, the bringer of change and chaos. In one book, Sithis is the title, Sithis explains that Anu was nothing but stagnant light, no conscience, no thought, no anything, just light, but Sithis had personality, such is the rules of change. We all know the story for anyone that's ever looked into Sithis. From their blood came the Aedra and Daedra. Now this is an interesting case as when Man of Steak suggested this, I had no idea what to think. We hardly know anything about these two, and the stuff we do know is just through them, a chain of events was set off that eventually led to the creation of Mundus. But then, he suggested that a higer power was behind them. This is what I found fascinating, and what made sense to me. Let me explain.

The most ironic thing is that the one thing that we do not understand at all is the thing that ties everything together. The Elder Scrolls. Let's start with Padomay and Anu. Padomay represents chaos and Anu represents all the goody two-shoe stuff. Drawing off of creation myths from mainstream religions and stories, there was always nothing before there was something. "In the beginning, there was darkness. And then God said, 'Let there be Light." The Big Bang, before the huge freaking explosion, there was darkness, or how about the Greek myths from History class?

Gaea was the Earth goddess. Before her was Chaos. Because there is always chaos before something, it is safe to assume Padomay came first before Anu, and was maybe appaled by Anu's lack of personality, "Conflicting Interests" being the routine here, and maybe attacked Anu for that. Then we have the creation of the Aedra and Daedra. I stated before in my earlier theories that maybe Jyggalag wrote the Elder Scrolls. Well, Man of Steak and me argued about this for a bit. I guess he gets to say "I told you so" because I think I might have changed my mind. The Elder Scrolls are outside Time, outside Reality. Jyggalag was in Time. One couldn't write something outside Time if one was in it. While Jyggalag would certaintly have the apptitude, the traits of the Elder Scrolls simply do not follow with Jyggalag, or any of the Daedra, so we move on to Aedra. The only one worth investigating in was Akatosh, god of Time. Surely he could warp around Time? However, Akatosh was IMMERSED in Time, Time goes all directions. Akatosh wasn't outside it either. The Elder scrolls exist outside Time. Since Akatosh is the most powerful, let's say he was the first of the Aedra, Time existing only as long as he has. Because of this, he could not have written the Elder Scrolls. So we move on from the Aedra. We go to Padomay and Anu. Anu apparently was a vegetable according to Sithis, so let's take Sithis's word for it at this time and move away from Anu having written it and go to Padomay. Surely he could have written them. EEEEHHHH. WRONG. The Elder Scrolls were outside reality as well. Padomay is in reality, the very beginning of it. So, the Elder Scrolls had to come from somwhere else. But where?

Simply put, From Beyond.

What lies beyond Padomay and Anu? This is where Man of Steak suggested that there be a possible equivalent of God for the Elder Scrolls. This God would be outside reality, outside Time, infinite, unknowable, just like the Elder Scrolls, which hold information so important it blinds people. But how could this be?

The answer is simple. The All-Maker from the Skaal Village. Why do the stones of the All-Maker work and the Divines shrines work when the All-Maker is strictly a monotheistic god? This is where it get's really ambitious for a theory. You know how on this wikia that whenever Daedric Princes are spoken of they are referred to as the most powerful of their kind, and so worshipped AS gods? But that doesn't mean they are actually gods. Could the Aedra and Daedra simply be the angels and demons of the All-Maker? It makes sense to me. The All-Maker placed Padomay and Anu into play and through them, the creation of Mundus eventually came to pass, and the Elder Scrolls were created by the All-Maker to help Mundus. It would explain why both alters work. 

The Official Theory

The theory is that the All-Maker is the equivallent of God in the Elder Scrolls Universe and created Padomay and Anu as a way of creating Nirn and sent the Elder Scrolls as a help to mankind. 

Hope this has proved interesting for you. Special thanks to Man of Steak for bringing this up, tell me what you think below, and I'll see you guys later. Stay Mad.