Oh, the standards of professionalism. In the brief time I have become more active in helping to determine how the wikia is to be managed with others, my past habits have been a bit of a problem, with my silly ideas and my poor execution of said silly ideas. People have labled me a troublemaker, and correctly so, and perhaps I am deserving of the consequences of plumbing the community into another ceaseless debate. For that...I apologize. But my involvement in this "crisis" situation is not yet finished. I will see the new dawn for this wikia! Ok ok, melodrama aside, this is quite a serious topic I am bringing up today. 

Finding a new Admin was a goal everyone was united in since the beginning of the situation, and I feel that I have contributed to the dillution of that goal in favor of arguing for morals and ideals. Well, it took me a bit to realize it, but that stuff doesn't matter right now. Instead, let us all join hands once again and pursue for our original goal. The problem of finding a new Admin is both dreadfully simple and extremely complicated to solve. Simple because we already have candidates on the list with potential. Complicated because of conflicting visions, debates, and all of which I sheepishly claim participation in. However, with all the conflict there arose an idea between myself and a few other users who I will not list, due to the fact that I don't want their names to become mud for being involved with me. The following is not that idea, simply because I realized I'm putting up way too much fight over something I didn't fully understand until now. People have told me that the idea was pointless and too long, and they're right. So I am going to propose something different. 

In my personal opinion, which doesn't matter in the grand scheme of this blog, I think it is a user's right to know what they are getting into when seeking out a new Admin by general consensus by vote, as is the official staff guideline. Many who select a candidate are sometimes unaware of the exact rules, including myself, so for the sake of knowledge of the subject, here is a link to the official description of Admin prerequisits, duties, and how they are elected to their post. In order to get an exact idea of where I'm getting at, you should read it.

Now that we know what Admin's do, I must once again apologize for creating such a big stink about my philisophical beliefs about how an Admin should do its job, because after seeing these rules--like I said before--fighting so much about it seems pointless. I put it on a pedastal and made it out to be a governmental position. However, an Admin's job is to just edit some pages, make everything ship-shape, locking or unlocking them, and perform general maintenence. I had it in my mind they could just rewrite rules and policies, which is not at all true. An Admin merely has some extra tools to edit with, with an added measure of being able to block users. The job of changing policy lies with the Bureaucrats, and that's where the fun of debate really begins. If any of you had either hopes or doubts about newly selected Admins changing the way the whole wikia was run, well, don't. They would need to be elected to become a Bureaucrat. I am aware that the some of the community have problems with the policies, but if a newly selected Admin who has been in many discussions with the public about these problems were to advise the current Bureaucrat, I am sure they would listen. 

Assuming this isn't the case with our new candidates, let's push aside all that political, Game of Thrones (As my friend Zippertrain85 puts it) fuss, and focus on what matters. Can these nominees edit? Do they have ample free time? Do they meet all the prerequisites given by the link above? If so, let's take a vote, as is guideline.

Originally, I was going to come in here with a massive plan that would take a full week to complete. But I will save that plan for an election of a Bureacrat and instead offer a much simpler plan. Rather than the giant cross examination I had planned out in my head that would involve the entire community with the aid of the newsgroup and Administrator Timeoin, a simple thread should be made after determining the candidate's qualifications and we will vote on whether we want them as our Admin's or not, with good reasoning for their decision included with every ballot, as is guideline. If any Admin's wish to change something about how the guidline is written, run for the position of Bureacrat. But most importantly, remember dear users that an Admin is not a governent position, and I am doing my best not to present it as such. We will elect our "Janitors" to their post and be done with the bloody business.

These "Janitors" possess extra tools that can be used to ban someone or revert edits, so exercise caution when voting, as is your basic right to let your opinion be heard, but keep in mind. If the candidates are good enough to be nominated, then there probably is something worth voting for in them, but remember that they can be held accountable for their actions, that they are not above us, and are more like helpers that are tasked with keeping order, and I would like the candidates to keep that in mind as well. So instead of debating some more, let's save it until we get our Admins so we have some place to start if we want to fix things for the better. Let's keep it calm, we can get it out of the way, and let's just let the "Janitors" do their jobs. Then, we will go from there.