Hello everyone, Madman97 here, reminding you to tune in soon for the BIG, EPIC, AWESOME, HIGHLY CAPITALIZED, EXTREMELY MAD, SEEEEEEAAAAASSSSSSOOOOOONNNNN FINALE!!!!

  In this finale, I will touch the topic that has been nagging me all throughout the series, and as said in my last post, you get a prize if you correctly guess that topic in the comments below. AWESOME ISN'T IT?!?!?!?! This rant will have laughs, annoying things about the game, and of course, RANTS. A lot of 'em. So don't be a fool and be cool as you read the Season Finale to put the Season off with a bang and we can start with season 2. Remember, all encouragment is encouraged and all discouragment is discouraged, so I would prefer it if you dudes support me, because, who else would give you an entire rant series on stuff. It's cause I love the Gamer Population. No no, please, hold all applause. 

 Anywho, as I am sure you have figured out, tune in soon, and you will have a rant like no other! Stay Ranty people.