Hello everyone, Madman97 here, come to give you another installment of the Wabbajack grinding series. Full credit goes to User Man of Steak for giving me this idea, and I quite agree that it grinds my Wabbajacks. Without further ado, let's jump right in.

 Now, I went into a little bit of detail in one of my earlier rants about Guilds in Skyrim, though not an entire rant. But here, I will touch upon the points I may have missed and build on the ones I already have. Many people agreed that the Guilds in Skyrim are a little bit lackluster...Oh, who am I kidding, there F***ing terrible! And it's not just guilds! It's faction based quests as a whole! 

 Someone in the comment section of one of my rants told me that he heard from some other guy that there are basically two ranks in the Guilds of Skyrim: Boss and Chump, which I think sums it up perfectly. Now everyone who has ever played the game has at least had some problems with people being rude to you. "Hey, I hear you just joined the companions, (When I am Harebringer or whatever the F*** it's called, Boss how about) are you their new Mead fetcher?" "Even if your one of us, you better stay outta trouble"-Dirge McIdiot Von DouchCanoe the third. Now, crappy treatment is one thing, but has any of the factions ever actualy done something interesting to you? The only thing that comes to mind is the Thieves Guild, a basically glorified Daedric artifact quest. Mages College? Yeah, the Eye of Magnus is cool and interesting, but nope. You can't learn about it, because of some certain Psijic Priests, Dark Brotherhood, Kill the Emperor...A good idea! I can't wait to see the ramifications of this action-...Nothing happens? Uh, hello? Tamriel? Anyone in there? Civil War, I already explained in the redundancy of the civil war blog why this sucked so much. It would fill up an entire book to tell you all that was wrong with it. Companions, boring. Dawnguard, fine, to say the least, and blowing up the sun is always a fun option to have when you want to seriously mess with people. But if the sun keeps coming back every day or so, why is it such a danger that the Vampires will rise up and take over or some S***?

 Now, take the Guilds in Oblivion. Personally, I think that the Theives Guild Quest is a lot better in Oblivion as opposed to Skyrim, and the Mages Guild quest is less desirable in Oblivion to the one in Skyrim. I actually have not yet completed the Fighters Guild, mostly because they never tell me what the F*** I'm supposed to be doing, and the Companions replaced them in Skyrim. The companions are alright, but the quests, (Shakes head) Boring. Yeah, seeing the tomb of Ysgramor is cool and all, but can't we fight his ghost or something instead of just another few undead draugr? I like the idea of conquering inner demons with the whole curing Lycanthropy thing, but once you do it, it's just tedious to go back and do it for your fellow bretheren. It's really weird how they transitioned the guild quests in skyrim. One got worse, one got better. While the ones in Skyrim are not terrible, they should take a lesson from the Thieves Guild quest in Oblivion. And I recently watched a video where some guy told us about some stupid things in Oblivion in Skyrim, and that was the loss of any sort of danger for belonging to a faction, something that was in Morrowind, from which how the guy was talking it up, was the Holy Grail of Elder Scrolls Games. Whatever the case, I strongly agree. I want to see people cower in front of me because APPARENTLY, everyone knows I used to be in the Dark Brotherhood. Guards will proove this b telling you "Hey I know who you are. Hail Sithis." o_O, Alright, not only do these people know about it, they don't F***ing care that the fate of the world is being placed in the hands of a Psychotic Dragon soul-stealing sociopath! There should be advisors to people you get the uests from, like Jarls. Wouldn;t it be cool if they had your track record of all things you have done and according to what you have done, you will either be given the responsability or demanded to leave? 

  I seriously think that the next Elder Scrolls game could adopt the old Morrowind setting with the ramifications of different guilds and factions. If I am part of the Storm Cloaks, I want to see Imperials attacking me when I enter a town owned by the Empire. If I KILL THE F***ING EMPEROR, I WANT TO SEE SOME MOVEMENT BY THE EMPIRE!!! 

 But the list of things wrong with the guilds doesn't stop there. Let's see what we have so far: Lack of recognition, Lack of entertaining and interesting quests, though there are a few, lack of ramification, and what else? Oh yeah, how about the formula. The formula for the guilds is strictly linear and offers no choice in the matter, something that a game that boasts infinite possibilites should have. If the Dark Brotherhood is turning you off with Cicero's weird Hemp Dance, you should have the option to say, "Im leaving the Dak Brotherhood." Also, all of the quests follow the same exact pattern every time. Go find this, go kill this, go to this place, get your reward. It's a classic formula, one that is used everywhere, but I am telling you, it's getting old. I want to see some diversity to these guilds. I want to see the racial tension if you are a Dunmer joining the Stormcloaks, I want to see the Thieves Guild pull heists on an epic scale, such as in Oblivion, I want to see you obtain some true formidable power by becoming the Arch-Mage, and I want the companions to stop telling me to go fetch their mead!

   (Sigh) Guilds people. Guilds. Again, they are not bad, and though the quests can be the same in formula, each one does have their own repsective style and can be appealing. I just wish it was done better.