Hello everyone, Madman97 here, coming to you to give you another rendition of Wabbajack Grinding. Let's waste no time, and dive right in. 

How man people have requested this in Skyrim? Tons, hundreds of thousands of tons. To go on an adventure with your best buddies. We are going to experience many awesome things with ESO just around the corner, and we are all thankful its a possibility now, but one must raise the question. Why wasn't this stuff implemented before? 

 We got the means. We have a huge open world ripe for exploring, when you first play the game anyway, and wouldn't it be great to prove to your naggy mother that you do have a social life by bringing a friend over and do what an adventure loving gamer does best? To be able to kick all twenty-four hundred kinds of @$$ with your best bud, a soda sitting beside you, playing the night away?

I know I would.


Bethesda, I don't get you sometimes. When you look at Skyrim from a critical point of view, you see some monumental F***-ups, with massive bugs, boring quests, and at least eighteen other subjects I have ranted about in this series. And you make yet another mistake like not incorperating multiplayer, one of the most heavily requested things in Skyrim. Imagine it, playing on a hardcore Skyrim mode with your best bud, having to gather food for yourself while you have to kill a legendary dragon whose been creeping up in your S*** for some time now, and you Fus Ro Da the dragon at once and sends it flying into a cliff, it dies, the END, PURE AWESOME.

Not only would the Multiplayer Experience make this game even more awesome and spread the word about how great the Elder Scrolls are, but it brings people together, which I think is an important aspect in gaming. Not only would it be helping the fat potatos on the couch get a social life and go out some to get some friends and play, but again, it would bring people together. Gather your friends you know would go to hell and back with you on an adventure like the quests in Skyrim, put on some Queen, and play all day. If your going to be fat nerds on a couch, at least you would be fat nerds together. Skyrim is a single game, all fo the Elder Scrolls so far are single player, and we are already somewhat united on this here Wiki. If we can o that with just a single player game, we can do so much better with a multiplayer one. Bethesda, not only would you have made mountains of cash, but you would have brought people together, and that's a wonderful thing. It's what gaming is all about. 

You can already picture it in your head how awesome this would be, can't you? Sadly, the oppurtunity has passed us by. However, there is no need to cry about it any longer. As we near closer and closer I get more and more exited for ESO, and I hope to see you guys there and we can conquer Cyrodil together! 

As for the last few announcment, GET READY, HANG ONTO YOUR S***! THE SEASON FINALE IS NIGH. REMEMBER, IF YOU SUCCESSFULLY GUESS THE TOPIC YOU WILL GET A PRIZE! SO GUESS, GUESS, GUESS!!! The Season Finale will of course include the answers to the most popular post at this time, The Game of Madness with those three little riddles no one seems to know the answer to just yet, but all shall be REVEALED. SO TUNE SOON FOR THE SECOND SEASON FINALE OF WABBAJACK GRINDING!!! I apoligize for the short rant, but I really want to get to the finale, I am really excited. We'll have Dave over and maybe our friend Mike if he's good. Whatevs, you'll find out soon enough. Stay Ranty people.