Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand Ladies and gentlmen, Dragonborns and Kvatchies, Neverravines or however it's spelled and whatever title the player from Daggerfall has, guess who is back to provide more family fun with the Season 3 Premiere of Wabbajack Grinding?

 Your favorite Madman, Madman97, that's who. And let's not waste any more time, and let's dive right in.

 So you know the story. Your wandering around Skyrim and Cyrodil and your just going on an adventure. And on that adventure, you come across a certain character that you do not like. Some can be just so irritatingly helpful, you just have to kill them, or extremely F***ing annoying to the point where you just want to drive stakes through your eyes so you won't have to look at them anymore...or just you know, kill them or something. But there is alway's that one character we really want to kill. I was watching gameplay for Morrowind the other day, wanting to see why people said it was so good, as I have never played it myself, and what I saw was rather shocking. You were able to kill important characters for the story. True you can do that in Oblivion and Skyrim too, but only when you are allowed to do so. In Morrowind, you can cook some fools anytime you want. I see this player just running around and killing people like Vivec and other dudes who I am sure are important to the story but I forgot their names. So it begs me to ask the question? Why can't we do that here in Oblivion and Skyrim?

 What I have noticed over the years of playing Elder Scrolls is that there is a serious lack of consequences for the things you do in the game. You are part of the Dark Brotherhood and some guards actually know about it? No problem. There cool. They won't talk. Known murderer of thousands of actually killable NPC's? Let him go, he paid us three pieces of gold. Aside from this, I want to see how it would affect you if you killed someone you shouldn't. It shouldn't make you fail the entire quest, but it would open up new options and new routes to take during the linear and often repetative quests the Elder Scrolls, especially Skyrim, has to offer.

 What would happen if you just decided to take Ulfric Stormcloak out right then and there in Helgen, or slaughtered everyone before Alduin did his dirty work. What would happen if you just killed the Greybeards, or Tullius (Immediatly), or one of the Jarls? How about Chancellor Ocato, (Is that his name?), the Grey Fox, or perhaps Mehrunes Dagon himself near the end of the main quest instead of Martin? (Doubtfull to work, but it would certainly be bad@$$). The story would take a turn in such a way where the player actually for once felt in control instead of being everyones little errand boy. You want me to fetch apples for you? WELL NO! I'M JUST GOING TO WASTE YOUR LAZY @$$ FOR NOT GROWING A PAIR AND WALKING DOWN THE STREET TO THE FOOD STORE YOURSELF, B****!!!

 But sadly, all my extremely sharp weapons and magic that can kill dragons is useless against some individuals, like Braith over there...Grrrr, Briath......She's like my version of Dinkleberg...

But, Bethesda, in there growing streak of just being lazy, decided that killing off certain individuals would NOT be adding to the story, that not giving the player freedom to do whatever the F*** he/she wanted was the best way to go, and everyone makes you their b****. Before another random @$$hole says to use mods, I would bite your tongue. I am well aware that you can use your keyboard to un-immortalize characters and satisfy your killing ways by making them explode and stuff, but I'll just get my fix from Youtube. 

 But to add it to th game itself to actually be able to kill some characters the game deems important would be probably the most interesting thing they could do. The story would take a nice early-Shyamalan movie esque twist, and would make the game ten times more replayable with all the options you now have. That's it for now folks, and we will back with you shortly. Stay Ranty people.