It's fine people, I'm still here. And I am here to bring you another episode of Wabbajack grinding for pure entertainment. Credit to Zippertrain85 for this idea. Let's waste no more time and dive right in. 

Design is everything in a fantasy game. You want to wow your audience with the visual style, make it appealing, make it awesome. Design should be seen everywhere, down to the scratches in a wooden post on a doorstep. And Skyrim hasa very lovely design. I love the old Nordic aesthetic and their own style of opulence. I like the whole Viking vibe they got going on...But Cheezits Crust, does it get old. Skyrim in a nutshell folks. Old.

You can probably imagine I met the DLC's with the new locations and architectural styles with open arms. We need more of this! NEW STUFF. True, I like Skyrims look. Catches the feel of an old timey place, filled with history...But I would at least like some of the Holds not simply built on the crumbling ruins of civilizations past. Every Hold has its ups and downs, but a definite down for all of them is when you have been to one, youve been to most of them, the only ones distinctly different is Markarth and Whiterun, even if Whiterun is just a Lord of the Rings Rohan rip-off. Least Balgruff is cool. Even if his annoying children run around and call us bootlickers. GOOOOOD I hate the children in this game. Props to Mods for making ways to kill Braith. I salute you. 

Oblivion towns had their own distinctive style. You could recognize a town just by looking at one building, and they had some huge buildings. Now, its the same straw roofed log house boonie town everywhere you look. Whiterun, I'll give a pass, Markarth, you too, Solitude...Is this really a suitable capital? One town in Oblivion is twice as large as this tripe, and it wasn't even the main one. Lame, lame, lame. Nords have great architectural style, there is no denying that. Why can't we really see it put into play?! Practically every hold is already hundreds of years old with no new buildings. Solitude would be a lot better if we saw what the Nords could really do. Dawnstar, Falkreath, and that other M-lettered town that no one cares about, are all practically the same stupid thing! Riften, meh. Winterhold...what kind of idiots does Bethesda take us for? Was it really to much of a hassle to make at least more than four F***ing buildings for one hold, each the size of a normal house? For heavens sakes Bethesda, you dissapoint me. And let's not forget the tombs.

Oblivion had caves and Aeylid tombs. Sure they were all basically the same thing everytime with nothing we haven't seen before. Skyrim at least switched the layout around with Nord Tombs and Dwemer Ruins, making for at least interesting playthroughs the first time, though they quickly lose their luster as you start to have seen all of them. I wish we got diffent styled dungeons when we got the DLC's. Shivering Isles had those weird mushroom caves and old fortresses. It was pretty good. Dawnguard, we do get to see som ruins of the Snow Elves, but where are the Snow Elf tombs, the caves? IT'S ALL FALMER S***!!! WHY COULDN'T WE GET VAMPIRE THEMED CAVES?! HOW ABOUT SOLSTHEIM? I WANTED NEW DUNGEONS, NOT THE SAME NORD CRAP! (Excluding Apocrypha). WHY NOT APOCRYPHA THEMES CAVES OR TOMBS? WHY NOT FREAKING MORROWIND THEMES TOMBS? WHERE?! WHERE?! WHERE?!

sigh. So much wasted oppurtunity. Alas, I can do nothing but simply dream of what could have been. Hopefully the situation will be vastly improved, and I am sure it will, when ESO comes out. Now we get to travel all over Tamriel, and I finally get to go where me and Dave always wanted! Elsweyr. Yea BOI!!!

Anyway, cheerio fellow Dragonsborns and Kvatchies, till next time. Stay Ranty.