Hello everyone, Madman97 here, and I know that you're all just dying for another thing to be angry about, so I ran through stuff I was mad about, and I came across an old blog of mine that did not recieve much attention. Granted, it was before my rise to prominence, forgive my lack of modesty, so it is understandable, but this is a subject many of us feel the same about: It was cool at first, but we all started to see just how much it really did suck. One word people.


Particularly, this Business with the Magic in Skyrim. Now, I am an unusual Nord in Skyrim. I'm big and brawny as the rest of them, where the huge hulking armor, actually I go around in the ebony mail you get from Boethia and the Masque of Clavicus Vile, (Seriously, it looks awesome on anyone, play the Black Ice album from AC/DC and walk in slow motion while looking at your character from the front while a fire wall is blazing behind you. Uber awesome) I do all that Nord stuff, like joining that guy Ulfric Douchecloak in the fight against those faithless Imperials, sorry to any Imperials out there, and all that. But the unusual thing about my guy is that he is a Mage, a master in Destruction magic, and Archmage of the College of Winterhold. I do use a sword on occasion, but magic is my strength. Don't get me wrong. Once you get those master spells in Destruction...Dude, Hell yes. But I see a problem.


Where do I begin. At the beginning of the game I suppose, where wonder and mystery awaited the adventerous Dragonborn. You all know the story. "Oh man, I'm gonna explore the S*** outta this world, I'm gonna adventure the S*** outta those caverns and caves, I'M GONNA KILL THE MOTHERF***ING S***! OUT! OF! THOSE!! DRAGONS!!!! Ahem, anywho, as you got better and better with magic, you start to notice how limited it was. Awfully limited. A fixed set of spells for you to dabble in until something better comes along, and a lot not even all that useful when you start facing the bigger and badder enemies. You got your main classes of Magic, Destruction, Alteration, Illusion, Restoration, and Conjuration. Destruction has the most spells, ith Conjuration in second, Restoration in third, and I am not sure where the other two stand, except that they have few spells you can use. So, what happened to Mysticism? What happened to the variety we had? What the Heck HAPPENED TO BEING ABLE TO FEATHER YOURSELF SO YOU CAN PACK AROUND YOUR STUFF!?!?!?! I don't know how much time I could have saved by being able to feather myself so I could take my crap to the blacksmith. What a crock.

Variety is important here. In Oblivion, you had hundreds of different spells you could learn, whether it be Protection, dispell, light, water breathing, goddang open lock. That would be plenty useful. Heck you could even create your own spells in Oblivion. I invented a spell that expanded on the Glimpse of Death spell, named it the Kick-@$$ spell, and I slaughtered everyone with it instantly. It was Cyrodil's Avada Kadavra. Why can't I do that here? Sure, it would be OP, but it would still be cool. They just need a DLC devoted to magic users. New spells, new abilites, new tricks you can do, at least we would have fun with it. It doesn't even have to be a full sized DLC, it could be just downloading new spells you can learn. Bethesda could do that right? It seems anything Magic gets moved to the side in Skyrim. Sure, there is a lot of magical happenings going on in Skyrim, but for you, it is sitting on the bench. The College of Winterhold is a decaying ruin with admittingly uninteresting story quests. Sure, the Eye of Magnus is cool, the Staff of Magnus is cool, but do you get to learn more about them? No! We're just gonna throw in a Psijic Priest in there to P*** you off, to show you that there really is something more magical out there that Skyrim could have included, but nope, you get stuck with the Cyrodil Mage Guild rejects...although, despite their lack of magical prominece, I do admit that they are among my favorite group to hang out with in Skyrim. J'zargo is the best, Ommund is pretty cool, as is that Dunmer chick, I like that Dumbledore guy, and pretty much everyone there. I just would like to learn from people more...magical. The Psijic monks could be a fantastic questline for a future Elder Scrolls game. But the base of the problem starts with the limites of your own ability to learn new spells, and in Skyrim, there apparently is only so much spells you can learn. In the DLC's of Skyrim, I was shocked to find such lack of new magic spells you could learn. Only two in Dawnguard, a few in Dragonborn, but none to prominent. Sure, the ash stuff is a cool idea, I just wish you could do more with it. Wasted oppurtunity. If it were up to me, we would be balls deep in magical S***! Swordsman don't worry, we'll still keep you around.

I think I got the variety point across. And the lacking of Magic across. Magic is very little used here, as opposed to that one Destruction spell you use all the time to kill your enemies, but thats about it. We need more. More. MORE!

Is it greedy to ask for more from a game that has offered two straight years of gameplay? Maybe. But hear this Bethesda! If you heed my words and put more emphasis on Magic in the next Elder Scrolls game, you will have the Mad god's crazy cousins eternal favor, (Plus, I'll tell you next weeks powerball lottery numbers). It is a needed thing! It has to happen. But I know you won't let us down Bethesda. I have faith in you. I want you to succeed. But be warned. If for some reason you do fail me, it won't just be the angry fans you have to worry about.

You'll have to deal with Dave.

Don't wet yourself. Stay Ranty.