Well, it's the New Year, and I'm still around to bring you some b****ing and moaning about how terribly flawed the Skyrim game really is. Some things never change. However, this year should prove interesting for Elder Scrolls fansa as we inch closer and closer to the release of Elder Scrolls Online. Witht the release of the Cyrodil at war trailer, it has gotten me even more excited. But enough of that, and let's dive right into yet another wasted oppurtunity. Credit to Skywalkerex45.

 The Thalmor. Despite all the fan boy rage and flame wars on the forums and blog comments about who is superior, Stormcloaks or Imperials, we all agree on at least one thing. The Thalmor are a bunch of douchebags who delight in taking over stuff. They're weird, dictorial, and have to be stopped. Due to the choices given to you at the end of the Civil War, you can choose to fulfill your destiny either as an Imperial legionary or Stormcloak Warrior, but the ending result is basically the same. The Thalmor wanted the civil war to happen, to weaken both forces. However, they wanted them in prolonged conflict, no side actually winning. Because both ways, the Thalmor is at a disadvantage if either side won the war. Either way, the Nords would be united under one banner, and as history shows, when Nord's are united against a common enemy, such as the High Elves, things tend to get Real Awkward, Real Fast. But anyone who has played this knows this already. Enough of the history lesson. Let's get own to business.

 I don't how I can put this likely, and I don't think I can. Simply put: The Bethesda writers were on illegal substances that shall not be named, (Though you can find many of them in the new Leonardo DiCaprio movie, The Wolf of Wallstreet, a cinematic masterpiece in my opinion, check it out, just don't bring anyone under the age of seventeen, heck not even that, because that movie is like a XXX film), and missed out on a very interesting quest line. Yeah, you could argue that their saving the Thalmor for something big like the main baddies for Elder Scrolls 6, you know, trying to conquer the towers and such, but a little more involvment would have been nice. In fact, it's a goddang necessity! If you want to build these guys up, make them do all sorts of evil nazi S***! Yeah, you do get a small portion of them, like them capturing dudes, their embassy in the main quest, and of course their involvment with the Imperials in the civi war, but compared to the Imperials and Stormcloaks, you don't see them nearly enough. They're even of Solstheim for F***ing Alduin's sakes, and they just sit around their abandoned lodge and don't do anything. No evil plotting. Just chillin.

 What a fake-out! What a waste of time! Their as pointless as a Family Guy cutaway scene! Sure, they gotta build em up somehow, but if you want to do something, you gotta do it right. However, I learned a long time ago before I even became Lord of the Rant that Skyrim is a wasted oppurtunity by itself. You could have had an epilogue quest having to do with what the Thalmor would do next now that they have been set back by the political turmoil of Skyrim and the victory of one of the sides fighting. There should be some major grade-A Thalmor 007 knockoff bad guy organization scheming going on! Seriously game, what's going on with them! ALL OF TAMRIEL MAY BE AT STAKE!!!!

Nah, instead, we got snooty imperial jerk-off against apprently extremely racist to Argonians and Dunmer blowhard Stormcloak. A petty squabble compared to the enormity of the Thalmor's plan if anyone had actually researched what they plan to do. It's freaking evil! And we need to see it! I know I complain constantly that we never had a DLC giving the civil war the closure it deserved, but we could have had an incredible Thalmor DLC. If the story telling was good enough and the quest edgy enough, I wouldn't mind if it wasn't in a new place and they don't add anything additional to items, weapons, or magic or any sort of gameplay. Just give us a decent Thalmor quest, and all will be forgiven. Sadly, that ship has sailed a while ago. One of the game directors tweeted the cancellation of any and all further DLC's for Skyrim, and he gave some pretty blunt responses to those who complained. Example. One said "You promised us more!" The game director said "No we didnt." So that's it for the Thalmor then. A real shame. They could have been a ruthless villian. Heck, what if they proposed an alliance with Alduin? Having operatives on the ground, doing things that the dragons could not. Dragon vanity would never allow puny mortals to do their dirty work for them, but hey, I would take anything at this point. This is all the Thalmor we get for now. I swear, if they drop it completly, mentioning them in a book that say's "Oh the Thalmor were defeated soon after and the Empire prospered, hooray," I'm going to throw an even bigger hissyfit than I do now, and that my friends, is saying something. 

Stay Ranty people, and I'm looking forward for another year of rantiness. Happy New Year.