If you have been paying attention to any of my past episodes, you would know that most of my concerns usually have to do with Skyrim, but they are not limited to it. I have kept up with the new ESO, why wouldn't I, and as far as gameplay looks, it looks pretty half decent, though it would be foolish to buy it so soon upon its release due to the insane amount of bugs it will probably have. I was thinking on saving this particular subject for later, but I think it has reached a point where I am just obligated to moan about it.

    But that is not what I am ranting about today kids. No, something of even more concern has come up in the game. Microtransactions. Now, DLC's have been apart of our lives for years now, and doesn't seem to show much signs of letting up. But when I saw what they have done with ESO, it is just shameful, about as shameful as the horse armor from Oblivion. 

  Let's discuss a rather interesting piece of information I have learned. With the Imperial Edition of the game, you can play as an Imperial and get all this extra stuff, not a lot, but a fair bit. All right, I like Imperials fine, but,...why could they not be in the game normally? Like, seriously, what the F***? Along with all the additional content you get. Seriously. Come on. I should elaborate a little on the content here. You get the admittingly kick-@$$ Molag Bal statue, Lore book which I want to see, so if anyone here happens to get it, make sure you do a little copy paste action and let us see what's in that book, (Noting all rights go to Zenimax of course), the horse looks different but is no different from others, and the rings of Mara I assume are the only way to get married in the game, so most of us are probably going to end up bachelors for the duration of our playthrough unless your one of the lucky few that get the Imperial Edition. 

    And another point that really had me peeved. I know MMO's are like this, and it's standard, but by Haskill, I'll rant about it anyway. Subscriptions. 15 dollars a month. Cheezits Crust, company, just let us have his! I realize that Zenimax is a company that would like to make a profit, and I agree that making people subscriptions would bring in some fat stacks, but are Elder Scrolls fans really that dedicated? Ask yourself, would you buy a 15 dollars a month subscription for, say, over a year? I probably wouldn't. Maybe for a good couple of months, but continuous pay would probably eventually turn me away. Of course, I don't speak for everyone, but I certainly wouldn't. It makes me especially ranty when I hear about this Imperial Edition that includes content that should be available for all to use instead of a select few since we are paying top dollar just to play the stupid game. I can't blame Zenimax for making a move that they think will boost income, but as a fan, I say, What a cash grab. 

   Am I still going to buy the game?...Yeah, probably. It really isn't that big of a deal to me about playing as an Imperial and marrying another player. If i'm going to be Emperor, I cannot be distracted by those shallow mortal whims. Plus, after watching that Arrival trailer with the whole Daedric Invasion thing, I learned two things. 1) This game looks F***ing awesome, I want it. 2) Wow Bal, you stole my idea on how to invade Tamriel. Seriously, I told Molag when we were doing our annual third wednesday of the month poker night, I was like, Dude, I am totally going to use these ring things to mix Tamriel with my realm. And Molag just goes and steals it. Jerk, but anyway, back to the rant,

    Alright, the whole Imperials thing brings me to another matter which frankly, got me a little mad. Madder than usual. I have learned that even though you choose a specific race, you can still join any faction you want.



   Ahem, as I was saying, this is a rather dull move in my opinion, Dave's to, especially when we were all excited about going up against each other with him choosing a Breton and me choosing a Nord, with each race belonging to a specific faction. Some may see it as an improving freedom to be able to join whoevers cause you believe in even if you don't necessarily like the race they entail, but to me, it just eliminates the uniqe aspect of each faction now that their doors are open to literally anyone. To be honest, what Ebonheart Pact would allow a High Elf in their ranks? Seriously. Not only is it illogical, it's really, well, illogical! I don't know why they would make it like this. I can imagine an Imperial being able to join any race since they are basically in the heart of it all, but others races should not have that option, simply because, you would need to put thought into it. A game that is thought provoking is a fantastic game in my opinion. A choice of three factions with the race you liked gave you a sort of pride in your faction, and it sparked many a debate about which faction will win, (Lol, not the Dominion. Ebonheart and Covenant will gang up on Dominion) including a debate of my own with our Dave here. Eliminating this just goes to show that Zenimax is kind of stupid sometimes. 

    Now these are the main points, and I am sure many of you have heard them to death and might be getting tired of us blaming Zenimax for these problems, but I really have no problem with Zenimax as a whole. I get it, they're a company, they're trying to make money, and though some of these decisions don't seem really sound, some still make sense, even if we don't like them. We have to comprimise sometimes, and even if this might end up being a wreck of a game, at least we still have time for Zenimax to maybe fix these problems and do their best to make the game, which still looks like a blast to play, and until the game is released, just continue to speculate, rant, and tear it to pieces. Stay mad.