WOO! Glad that's over. Sorry guys, nearly had a crisis situation with my computer and almost had to shut it down permanently but I knew I couldn't let you guys off wih just one rant in season 4 before I take my leave again. It must be all the porn Dave is downloading on to it since he can't seem to get a girlfriend. I had hoped that was the reason ESO was being so laggy, as I had borrowed it from my friend again to give it a second chance, but when I cleared the hard drive and re-downloaded ESO again, it was still a laggy piece of sh*t. But that's for another time. My beef today is with the economy of ESO, a fairly obvious problem within the Elder Scrolls World that has caused many a person to totally withdraw from the game. How do I explain it further?

   Like any MMO, the Elder Scrolls Online will have its bugs, some minor or temporary. However, a rather crippling bug has emerged to utterly destroy whatever the Economy of ESO was before hand, which honestly wasn't great to begin with (One coin per enemy? Really?). I am of course talking about the Item Duping bug. The impact of this bug has left the economy in shambles as infinite amounts of gold and anything you want have flooded the market, and with infinite amounts of golf, the value drops immensely when you don't even need to spend it because you already have twelve different variations of the same sword for no reason. Really, this blog can be surmised to say that the bugs are the true problem of ESO, which it can be. If one reads the ESO Subreddit, it can be found that the bug has been a blip on Zenimax's radar for quite some time before the release of the game into the mainstream public. Even the beta testers have pointed it out. And still, the company does nothing, as if they have to do something else. Perhaps they had to find ways to make the game seem worse than the bugs that plague it. But I'm not about slander (Excluding that last blog I just did (Tee-hee, debate and Admins galore)), and I will not damage Zenimax's reputation any longer...directly anyway. Their game, however, if it can be called that, must be addressed, because frankly, it sucked d*ck. MAJOR d*ck. Maybe not as much d*ck as it could have, but it sucked a lot. 

   Anyway, Zenimax responded to this bug by taking away Guild Banks within servers not too long ago, which backfires, because Guild Banks are a crucial component of trade and commerce within guilds, some even being founded on that, and so guilds, which are supposed to be an area of social interaction, ONE OF THE WHOLE GODDAMN POINTS OF THE GAME, IS SEVERELY LIMITED BECAUSE OF SOME STUPID F*CKING GLITCH THEY DIDN'T TAKE CARE OF BEFORE!!! So not only is the economy in ruins, but the social connection between group players is also f*cked too. Some self repair can happen over the new months, but by then, who wants to wait that long when the game is already out? They might as well should have delayed the game so they could fix these stupid problems like smart people! God help us if the console versions are like this when they hit the shelves, because I'm gonna be super duper f*cking pissed if they have bugs like this. And I am still mad about that one coin per enemy sh*t. If anything, Zenimax provoked the item dupe bug by installing this stupid rule on us. If the reward for killing some huge daedra is a gold piece, maybe people were justified in creating just a little extra cash, but like all exploitable bugs, it was overused and now, the economy is sh*t. Great job player and great job Zenimax, you're both to blame. For those of you who played the game normally like me, good for you. Great sportsmanship. Now pull your head out and demand a refund. (Not really, I just needed a strong finisher, I love you guys) Tune in next week or any time you see another blog for Episode 3 of Season 4 of Wabbajack Grinding. Stay Ranty and Stay Mad.