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    Skyrim Names

    August 25, 2015 by Magic Afro

    So, I was using google translate to find a name for a dedicated werewolf when I found something interesting. I thought, maybe coincidence, so I looked through a bunch of other names

    Vilkas is wolf in lithuanian

    Skjor means fragile in Norwegian; this could refer to how he was killed, but it is a bit of stretch. It also mean shooting in icelandic. I didn't even bother thinking about that

    Aela means vomit. That's... probably a coincidence

    Many other characters(Kodlak, Harkon, Ulfric) turned up nothing, however.

    I came to the conclusion that it really was a coincidence that 2 werewolf characters were named wolf. But I still think it's a cool fact worth sharing.

    But then, I searched Mirak. A mispelling, but it led me to the discovery of this

    A man who…

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