So, I was using google translate to find a name for a dedicated werewolf when I found something interesting. I thought, maybe coincidence, so I looked through a bunch of other names

Vilkas is wolf in lithuanian

Skjor means fragile in Norwegian; this could refer to how he was killed, but it is a bit of stretch. It also mean shooting in icelandic. I didn't even bother thinking about that

Aela means vomit. That's... probably a coincidence

Many other characters(Kodlak, Harkon, Ulfric) turned up nothing, however.

I came to the conclusion that it really was a coincidence that 2 werewolf characters were named wolf. But I still think it's a cool fact worth sharing.

But then, I searched Mirak. A mispelling, but it led me to the discovery of this

A man who can control dragons with his very voice, named miracle(also wonder).Coincidence? Doubtful

So the search continued, this time WITH misspelings:

Harkun- "Bow" Auriel's bow, the weapon of his undoing. 

Olduin- "The Violently". Needs no explanation... Well, the grammar does, but the name doesn't.

Let me know if you found any names with meanings in other languages. Who knows, maybe Bethesda really did use Lithuanian and Hungarian when naming the companions.