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    Religion In The Elder Scrolls

    I've been thinking for a long time, what are the advocates of certain religions throughout the ES series called? I know some people here call followers of Talos Talosians or Talotians but what about other religions? I mean, for all the lore they produce, you'd think Zenimax could come up with a name for the followers if the religions

    So, whatever your religious philosophy, Daedric, Nordic, Altmer, etc. Put it aside and concentrate on the Eight and One. What would they be called? Average followers of the mainly recognised Divines? Dibellans? Arkaydians? Marans? (You see where I'm going with this?) what label would they receive in the community of chapel-goers? I've taken to calling them FOTWADs (followers of the …

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  • Magicnord

    I'm writing this blog to tell the TESWiki community about my anger and frustration at this absurd fee of £8.99/$14.99. This is an expression of protest against the enforced subscription and you may comment on my views with constructive criticism and unwavering agreement if you are inclined to.

    So, in 1994, as a 13 year old schoolboy, I came home to find my Father had bought me a new game, The Elder Scrolls: Arena. I played that game for the next decade or so, along with its sequels, and now, in 2013, Bethesda and Zenimax Online Studios have stabbed its loyal fans in the back with the announcement that it will charge an obscene amount from customers to play a LONG awaited MMO. As an adherent to the franchises doctrine of RPG and open-world g…

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