Religion In The Elder Scrolls


I've been thinking for a long time, what are the advocates of certain religions throughout the ES series called? I know some people here call followers of Talos Talosians or Talotians but what about other religions? I mean, for all the lore they produce, you'd think Zenimax could come up with a name for the followers if the religions

The Eight and One

So, whatever your religious philosophy, Daedric, Nordic, Altmer, etc. Put it aside and concentrate on the Eight and One. What would they be called? Average followers of the mainly recognised Divines? Dibellans? Arkaydians? Marans? (You see where I'm going with this?) what label would they receive in the community of chapel-goers? I've taken to calling them FOTWADs (followers of the widely acknowledged divines) what would you call them? Post in the comments with your thoughts on the divines-worshipers.

Daedric Worship

So, there are several priests of the Daedric princes out there in Tamriel but what can we call them? I call them, Daedrans. Just a simple word that sums up their religious principles. Daedric Worship also slips into the category of individual race worship, with many Dunmer laying down their lives to serve the princes Boethiah, Mephala and Azura. If you agree with this or disagree, post a comment!

Individual Race Worship

This form if religion is assigned to different races. The nords have Kyne, Alduin, Herma-Mora, Orkey, etc. The Bosmeri pantheon of Auri-El, Jode, Jone. You understand that each race has their own pantheon they prefer to keep to. But what do we label these? This is one section I've struggled to identify a name to describe these, but I think Bethesda and Zenimax need to sew their creativity together and address this problem, what say you! Well post a comment!