I'm writing this blog to tell the TESWiki community about my anger and frustration at this absurd fee of £8.99/$14.99. This is an expression of protest against the enforced subscription and you may comment on my views with constructive criticism and unwavering agreement if you are inclined to.

My Story

So, in 1994, as a 13 year old schoolboy, I came home to find my Father had bought me a new game, The Elder Scrolls: Arena. I played that game for the next decade or so, along with its sequels, and now, in 2013, Bethesda and Zenimax Online Studios have stabbed its loyal fans in the back with the announcement that it will charge an obscene amount from customers to play a LONG awaited MMO. As an adherent to the franchises doctrine of RPG and open-world gameplay, I will be more than happy to pay this fee, but it is an affront to this who are unwilling or unable to pay due to financial reasons or other incapabilities.

I know there are others out there in my position who have been mortified by this atrocity as have. I have also contemplated abandoning the ES series altogether, with their decision to be a rat leaving the sinking ship that is subscription-based business model. Leave your agreements and disagreements in the comments section because I know there are thousands, (about 9,000 according to a recent FAQ Gaming Poll), if not millions of ESO fans from the very start out there,unwilling to pay an unreasonable price for a mere 30 days.