The Lands of Breakfastran consist of many different regions. This includes: Pancaketopia, Butternion, Baconsta, Eggsytan, Syrupia, Sausagetreta, and Milkgreo. At one point in time, there was a civil war between Butternion and Pancaketopia versus Syrupia. Syrupia had dealt much damage to both Pancaketopia and Butternion, but then they made a super weapon. This weapon was a gigantic pancake filled with butter. It blew up all over Syrupia, and they had to surrender. Syrupia agreed to continue trade with Butternion and Pancaketopia, and Butternion and Pancaketopia agreed to be more peaceful. Of course, the civilians of each nation didn't like each other much after that. In order to keep its people happy, Pancaketopia lowered its taxes. Pancaketopia never had income tax. If they did, not so many people would be happy. After the taxes were lowered, there were a lot of parties amongst the people. The ruler, by the name of Verum, is very true to his own philosophy. He is not a afraid of any living man or woman, is very honest, etc. However, he is a ghost, also. 

Butternion is another region within Breakfastran. Butternion is usually cold, due to the fact that it is butter. Most of the people from here wear a coat made of the fur from Demonic Fire Breathing Chickens. These chickens have fur instead of feathers, making them very awkward among the other wildlife. Butternion civilians usually like the Pancaketopians, because they are natural born friends. It is rare that anyone would see a fight between the mentioned races. 

Baconsta is the third region that shall be discussed. Baconsta is hot. The ground simply radiates heat. The civilians here must wear C.C.S.s. This stands for Cooling Containment Suits. The said suits are imbued with a reversed frost enchantment. This allows the user to stay cool, and they won't be harmed by the magic, because it is kept at moderate temperatures. The material is actually a metal, called Mjolnir. 

Sausagetreta is the fourth region to be discussed. The overall weather for Sausagetreta is generally passive. It is usually more warm than anything else, but otherwise is very normal. Civilians here wear light clothing, due to the generally warm weather. Sausagetretarian people are very passive, as they mostly try to find a peaceful solution to any issue.  

Syrupia is the fifth region to be discussed. Weather in Syrupia is generally considered moist. It is raining most of the time here. Civilians in Syrupia wear a clothing type that makes rain bounce off. This is a plastic like material. Syrupians are violent in most cases, and it is nationalism that caused the war between Syrupia and Pancaketopia, which was allied with Butternion.  

Eggsytan is the sixth region to be discussed. Eggsytan has a weather state that is usually normal. The land is yellow and unpredictable. Civilians here wear normal clothing, as the weather is standard most of the time. The civilians here also keep to themselves, and don't normally contact other regions. 

Milkgreo is the seventh and last region to be discussed. Milkgreo routinely has storms, and can be dangerous for outsiders or newborns. The land itself is just a gigantic boat. Civilians here wear extremely light clothing, due to the fact that they must swim if they fall off the boat. Civilians also have a strong upper body, because they swim since they can walk. They are also very rough and grim.