Hey, it's no Bard's Tale, but there's plenty of funny stuff happening in Skyrim that tickles me—although some of it isn't intentional (I think):

  • On your way to kill the dragon at Kynesgrove, pausing to catch butterflies and pick flowers.
  • What happens right after Yamarz tells you "this'll only take a minute" (I'm sure this is intentional, but I still laugh every time)
  • The gobsmackingly huge number of guards in the various holds who might have been the Dragonborn but for that damned arrow in the knee.
  • The goat that actually attacks your foes for you (although after a survey of what's for dinner in that cave, can you blame him?)
  • The stink-eye Iona gives me while she's talking about what a great Thane I am.
  • The Hans-and-Franz quality of accents possessed by many of the Nords
  • Most of The Chef's dialogue (again, intentional, I know)

I'll add stuff as I think of it. In the meantime, what strikes you as funny?