So, as the title says,i intend to poke around the story hole of 200 years here. I can clearly see in Skyrim that Septim line is still up and runnin' and ruling the Empire even AFTER we made sure that the LAST TRUE heir to the Septim line died to shut tight gates of Oblivion for all eternity, thus ascending himself to heavens. ( Great dragon, the Akatosh's statue, stands defiantly in the center of Temple district in Imperial city as a reminder of that glorius victory) Now, we are suddenly finding ourselves in tight spot ( or at least I am). Septims still rule and worshiping Talos is forbidden . It seems to me that Mehrunes Dagon actually succeded in conquering Tamriel, only we weren't aware of that. And now, hes spinning us in his delusions and makes a world as he pleases. Or is it Bethesda whos making all the whirlwinds? I don't know. Do you? What happened during these 200 years? WHY is the lore changed? Why are Oblivion hero's efforts nulified?