• Masser and Secunda

    Beyond 100

    March 5, 2014 by Masser and Secunda

    Greatings, Wikia community!

    I am working on a character build for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. One thing that I have noticed is that most buffs that you can get  are fortify effects that give a percentage (%) to the skill. This effect caps when the skill reaches 100. However there are some things that can be done or obtained that can put the skill's score above 100. For example, even if your sneak skill is 100, if you pray at the shrine of Nocturnal in the Ragged Flaggon Cistern it will give +10 to your sneak skill giving you 110 sneak.

    My question for all. y'all is what other things can be done or items that can be retived that add to your score in a similare manner? I would like to get a list started to help others.

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