I was thinking of what the next Elder Scrolls game would be about and would like to here what you guys think. Will the next game be about the Empire fighting the Thalmor/Aldmeri Dominion in another Great War? What role will the independent states, such as Hamerfell, Argonia, and Skyrim if it becomes independent, play in this war? Do you think the Blades will recover their strength and be able to make a difference? Or will the next Elder Scrolls game take place   after this war, just like it skipped the first one? Perhaps there will be peace between the Empire and the Aldmeri Dominion and there will be some greater threat? Where would the next game take place and how will that affect the plot? Do you think there will ever be a single player Elder Scrolls game that will be like Arena, in that you could travel to all provinces of Tamriel? What will the hero (player character) be like? Is he going to become a demi-god, or is he going to sprout from the legends of old, like the dragonborn?

So many different possibilities. I personally wouldn't mind a war against those vile Thalmor, and would love to see the Blades returned to their full glory and play a bigger role. What do you guys think?