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  • Master Green Cat

    Role Players

    March 20, 2014 by Master Green Cat

    HI GUYS, im here to talk about RP(role play)i was reading some of them and i found them to be verry interesting, ive never a big fan of Role Play, but resently i started to take more interest in mah Skyrim characters personalities, so i want to ask you guys.

    Are you fond or RP?

    What has been your experience in the RP forums in this wiki?

    Do you have any RP forums?

    Please leave links for your RP forums if you have any, i decided to make one mah self, its called "The Wild Guild " its for hunter like players and post apocalyptic fans(simple writen but the Story will be developed with time).

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  • Master Green Cat

    TES Spin off

    September 13, 2013 by Master Green Cat

    Hey guys how is it going? MGC here with another blog about the future of TES games.

    Today i would like to talk about future spin off games for the TES series,in the past Bethesda made a few games that were diferent to the rest, games like Battle Spire,Redguard,Shadow key and others and i was thinking,how about a new spin off? i have a couple of ideas that might be good and they could work as background history for TES 6,so lets start.

    First,the strategy game.

    I know many of you wont like this , but its just an idea, it goes like this, you chose a race, and that race will be fighting the other races,you make your own General(like in other TES games when you make your own character)as you play trough the game you will level up your army an soldā€¦

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  • Master Green Cat

    Hi guys, time ago i made a post about the the History and Place for next game in the series, now i want to keep up whit that topic, and today i wold like to show ya and ask you about new Features for The Elder Scrolls 6.

    Sure Skyrim gameplay sistem was awesome but wasnt there any thing you guys would like to add? like new combat mechanics or game mods i dont know, any other thing that wasnt put in the game.Any way am gonna show you a few things that i would like to see in the next TES.

    1, Voice for your Character:i dont know you guys but sometimes, i just hate having a mute Hero that doesnt even say HI to other NPCs.

    2, Cut scenes: a few Cut scenes would make the game more dramatic and memorable in my pesonal opinion.

    3, More armor customizatiā€¦

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  • Master Green Cat

    Ok this mah very first Blog post(i am a noobie YAY).

    The Elder Scrolls 6, what is it gonna be about? id like to hear ideas about plot and expectations of others and what could be a good story?.

    I cant think of anything for the main  quest, but ive been reading abot this race called Ka Po Tun, they live in the continent of Akavir, they want to take over Tamriel, and i think that could be a good plot maybe all of Tamriel could join forces to fight against them(they could be a serious threat for Tamriel).

    But i dont know, so tell me what you think.

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