Hey guys how is it going? MGC here with another blog about the future of TES games.

Today i would like to talk about future spin off games for the TES series,in the past Bethesda made a few games that were diferent to the rest, games like Battle Spire,Redguard,Shadow key and others and i was thinking,how about a new spin off? i have a couple of ideas that might be good and they could work as background history for TES 6,so lets start.

First,the strategy game.

I know many of you wont like this , but its just an idea, it goes like this, you chose a race, and that race will be fighting the other races,you make your own General(like in other TES games when you make your own character)as you play trough the game you will level up your army an soldier, unlocking better armor and weapons, you can make alliances with other races or make your own Empire and eaven make your own forts and strongholds to defend and you could play with other players.

Second,the portable game.

In the past Bethesda released some of this,so is not a weird idea, maybe the next generations of portable consoles could work perfectly for a game of this sice.

I didnt make any history for the games couse they are only some ideas that i wanted to share whit you.

So what do you think? do you like this ideas? or what else would you like to see? maybe a precuel of the mane games? or something that took place long ago in the First eras of Nirn, tell me guys i would love to hear your ideas.