I find them all the time, so i'm always editing bugs sections of pages. I find some that aren't even on pages, so, i'll add them here. Also, things that may not be bugs, but are pretty funny things.

~If you push a wooden cart in front of a low-lying object, (i.e. a rock, wood chopping block, etc.) stay right up against it, and use your whirlwind sprint shout, it will launch the wooden cart far up and away. Note: it also slightly damages the player because it's a 'high-speed projectile'

~Attacking a chicken is a crime, telling your follwer to attack the chicken.... the gaurds will pitch in and help slay the chicken.

~When useing a bow and arrow, if you shoot and arrow, and while you are in the process of shooting, double-tap the attack button (don't hold it) , the Dragonborn will draw another arrow, and keep it drawn, without you having to hold the button.

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