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Hey everyone! Wikia visited the Bethesda offices and asked members of The Elder Scrolls Online team YOUR questions about the new MMO. Check out the videos below and be sure to visit the Wikia Instant Expert page for more on the Tamriel-spanning adventure. Huge thanks to the folks who contributed questions!

Expert Showcase: The Elder Scrolls Online - World & Lore

How does The Elder Scrolls Online fit into Tamriels’ greater mythology? We sat down with Creative Director Paul Sage, who addressed a number of community questions surrounding the game’s story and lore.

Expert Showcase: The Elder Scrolls Online - Gameplay & Systems

You’re going to have a slew of mechanics and systems to familiarize yourself with when you plunge into The Elder Scrolls Online. To help ease the learning process, Wikia sat down with Lead Gameplay Designer Nick Konkle, who addressed the Elder Scrolls Wikia community’s questions about the game’s finer mechanical points.

Expert Showcase: The Elder Scrolls Online - PvP

The Elder Scrolls Online features a rich PvP system that’s sure to keep players busy long after they’ve hit the level cap. Brian Wheeler, The Elder Scrolls Online’s Lead PvP Designer, sat down with Wikia to address a number of questions our community had about the PvP experience.