• MccrayJ2013

    Diary of an Esploder

    February 7, 2011 by MccrayJ2013

    1. I will NOT become a vampire, even by accident or choice.
    2. I will contnue to not do the Main Quest until I feel like it.
    3. I will continue to put my current leveling text into the next post.
    4. If I don't feel like putting a blog post on, I wont do it.

    Today, I escaped from the Imperial City Prison, with the Emperor where he gave me the Amulet of Kings, and when I finally made it out of the sewers, I went to Bravil to join the Mages Guild, I finished the task Kud-Ei entrusted me to complete, I got her recommendation and got some more scrolls and copied more items, and made some gold, then I took some of those items went to the great city of Chorrol, then I got a few Grand Soul Gems. While in Chorrol, I decided to start and finish the task Teekeeus ha…

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