1. I will NOT become a vampire, even by accident or choice.
  2. I will contnue to not do the Main Quest until I feel like it.
  3. I will continue to put my current leveling text into the next post.
  4. If I don't feel like putting a blog post on, I wont do it.

Day 1:

Today, I escaped from the Imperial City Prison, with the Emperor where he gave me the Amulet of Kings, and when I finally made it out of the sewers, I went to Bravil to join the Mages Guild, I finished the task Kud-Ei entrusted me to complete, I got her recommendation and got some more scrolls and copied more items, and made some gold, then I took some of those items went to the great city of Chorrol, then I got a few Grand Soul Gems. While in Chorrol, I decided to start and finish the task Teekeeus had set me out on. Then I had got some more to copy and sell them at Thoronir at the Copious Coinpurse, making an easy 10,000 gold in an hour time. Then I kept on selling them and cloning them until I had 30,000 gold, I then bought the shabby little house on the Waterfront, all for about 4,000 gold, I kept getting irritated, I couldn’t talk to Sergius Verus. Then when I did I was so happy, I could finally get to have a house with storage. Currently I have about 1000+ items in there, so many swords, arrows, helms, scrolls, and alchemical ingredients.

Day 2:

After I got done sleeping and grabbing the potions, armor, and weapons that I wanted. After meeting Armand, Amusei, and Methredhel, I then recieved a test to steal Amantius Allectus' Diary without killing him, which I had succesfully done from beating Methredhel to the desk where the diary is. I immediately returned to Armand, and from that moment on I was a pickpocket for the Thieves Guild. After learning from Armand where my fence was I decided to go to Bruma, and pay a visit to Fjotreid's shop, Hammer and Axe. I waited until 12:00 AM, I picked the lock on the door and snuck over to the cabinet and looted it, I then cast two Feather spells on me, then I ran straight to Olav's Tap and Tack so I could fence the items, with a few other weapons I looted from someone else's house. I fenced over 1000 gold. I then spoke to Olav to secure a bed for me for the night.

Day 3:

After I spent the night at Olav's Tap and Tack, I set out for Anvil and when I got there I decided to go straight to the Mages Guild, and ask for a recommendation, I was shocked when I found out that Merchants were being killed along the Gold Road, Carahil head of the Anvil Mages Guild sent me to the Brina Cross Inn. There I met Arielle Jurard, who told me to speak with Christophe Marane and tell him im a travelling merchant. When I got done talking to Christophe, I was approached by Caminalda, who told me I should be fearful for my life. After I slept for the night, I went out along the Gold Road, and what I had seen surprised me, Carahil said she suspected a Mage, but she was wrong, it was not a Mage it was a sorceress, it was Caminalda. I defeated her with the help from Arielle Jurard and Roliand Hanus. I then looted her body for her potions, then I took her key, and traveled back to Carahil in Anvil and recieved my Recommendation. I then went upstairs to find a bed, and went to sleep.

Day 4:

You've learned a lot about Cyrodiil... and about yourself. It's hard to believe how ignorant you were, but now you have so much more to learn. After waking up I went outside, and I noticed the local Fighters Guild and hints from locals that the fighters guild is always looking for recruits. So I spoke to Azzan, and he told me I could join, which I did. I got my first couple of assignments from him, I had to eliminate a problem dealing with Mountain Lions, and a problem dealing with three bandits that turned out to be Norbert Lelles' old shopkeepers, ironic that he let them open the shop up in the morning. Well, while he was at the Flowing Bowl, i looted the place from top to bottom. Cleaning anything that had value out of the shop, especially the Boots of the Eel. I heard of a rumor that there was a mysterious helmet, that allowed the wearer to breathe underwater, I don't really need this helmet because, im an Argonian, although I could still use it for the set of Glass Armor that I am going to make into a set of water breathing armor.

Day 5:

You woke today with a new sense of purpose. You're no longer afraid of failure. Failure is just an opportunity to learn something new. I decided to go to Leyawiin and get a Recommendation from the local Mages Guild. I believe I had to speak to Dagail. I had to retrieve her Seer's Stone, she told me it was in Fort Blueblood after I spoke to Kalthar, I went to Fort Blueblood and once I stepped foot in there I was attacked by a Marauder. I quickly killed him and his accomplices including the Marauder Warlord, who had the key for the locked door. It turns out that Kalthar, the mage who had overheard Agata and Dagail talking, was trying to replace Dagail. I quickly defeated him, took the key, left, and got my recommendation for this week, so im laying down to a well deserved rest.

Day 6:

Today you wake up, full of energy and ideas, and you know, somehow, that overnight everything has changed. What a difference a day makes. After waking up in the local Mages Guild, I spoke to Alves Uvenim, and purchased a spell called Dispel Other. I realized I had two stops on my way in to the Arcane University, I had go to Bruma and Cheydinhal. After leaving for Cheydinhal, I came across a shrine to the Goddess Nocturnal, after talking to Mor gra-Gramorn, I talked to Nocturnal herself, she told me that her eye was missing, and that should I find two Argonians in town that stole her eye in Leyawiin. I decided i'll do that later and went on my to Cheydinhal. After arriving there I decided to seek out the local Mages Guild. After finding the guild I decided to speak to the Archmagister, Falcar, he asked me to find a special ring for him called the Ring of Burden, he told me to talk to Deetsan. She told me we could talk when Falcar was out of earshot, so I waited until he went into the basement and I talked to Deetsan about the Ring of Burden, and she told me that Falcar had sent Vidkun of Deetsan's into the well to get the same ring, but Vidkun never came out. She taught me a spell, gave me a key and sent me to get the ring. I walked out back and entered the well, I was shocked on what I found, there was Vidkun dead. I grabbed the ring off of his body and swam to the Nirnroot that was inside of there. After exiting the well, I walked back inside of the Mages Guild and found Deetsan and I talked with her and she told me that Falcar had left and I could drop the ring anywhere. She asked me to go into his room, and look for evidence, I don't know of what. But after picking the lock on his dresser, I found two Black Soul Gems. I presented them to Deetsan and she told me that I have my recommendation. After this long tiring day, I decided to sleep for 13 hours.

Day 7:

You've been trying too hard, thinking too much. Relax. Trust your instincts. Just be yourself. Do the little things, and the big things take care of themselves. After I awoke in Cheydinhal, I bought myself a black horse and set out for Bruma, I made it there in record time. When I arrived I sought out the local mages guild, to recieve my final reommendation. I spoke with Jeanne Frasoric, local Archmagister about a recommendation. She told me that she'd be glad to give me my recommendation if I could find J'skar for her, she told me he literally disappeared I had a Detect Life spell from when I started, I used that to find J'skar and I used the Dispel Other spell on him, and I talked with him, and then I spoke with Jeanne Frasoric again to ensure that my recommendation was secured with Raminus Polus, and with this ending note, I say Good Night.

Day 8:

Life isn't over. You can still get smarter, or cleverer, or more experienced, or meaner... but your body and soul just aren't going to get any younger. After waking up I started traveling to the Imperial City, where I was going to get my first Mages Staff, I came across Vindasel where I started to go through the Ayleid Ruins there I found Umbra where I barely escaped with my life, she chased me for a good long distance, when I finally killed her. She had an entire set of Ebony Armor on her. which I looted along with her sword. I finally made it to the Arcane University, where I had to talk to Raminus Polus about my Mages Staff. It has a Paralyze spell on it, when that was done, I went to the Chironasium to make an enchanted Iron Longsword with a fire damage for 30 seconds called Blazer. After making my sword I spoke to Raminus Polus again for my next assignment and my new rank he told me of necromances and the death of their two mages. So tomorrow I travel to Skingrad, while there im going to the Two Sisters Lodge so I can sleep somewhere for a while. Im heading to the Mages Guild Living Quarters to sleep, then tomorrow im off for Skingrad.

Day 9:

While in Skingrad I sought out this Dunmer named Saren Inderos and he told me that Shum gro-Yarug was looking for someone to buy a house, called Rosethorn Hall, so I went up to the castle and he told me that I could buy the house. It costed me a pretty penny, I also looked for a woman named Eyja, who is my servant. I haven't done much today so im going to turn in early. I might however look into doing something for the day, such as going to kill some Vamps.... i might however not

Day 10:

I spoke to Mercator Hosidus, who told me about some necromancers that are near Skingrad, he told me to wait for 24 hours, and that tomorrow would bring new information. I waited 24 hours, then he told me to go a little west of Skingrad, near to the Cursed Mine around 2 AM. I cant believe it I was ambushed by Mercator and two Necromancers, Arterion and Mondrar Henim. The Count ran up to me and told me that he had suspected Mercator for some time, he also told me that the book was just a technique to lure necromancers out of hiding. I traveled back to the Imperial City to speak with Raminus Polus. I had recieved an amulet known as the Spelldrinker Amulet. I spoke with him about my next task, Im supposed to go into an Alyeid Ruin of some sort, and retrieve something for Irlav Jarol, the ruin is called Vahtacen, i got a good feeling i should bring Silver weapons, or Blazer. Right now, im settling down for a nice sleep.