• Melonhead101

    If I were to be able to make an Elder Scrolls VI this is what I would make.

    Locations: High Rock, Cyrodil, Hammerfell, Summerset Isles

    Plot: The Civil War in Skyrim was all according to the Thalmor's plan to weaken both Skyrim and Cyrodil. The Thalmor broke the White-Gold Concordant at the correct time and broke all the imperial friendships then finished off the Imperials in Cyrodil, The Dominion took over the Nords afterward. The Citizens of Hammerfell were frightened but to their surprise the Thalmor went after High Rock where The Player is located. You are taken into custody by the Thalmor and tortured until a redguard appears to your rescue. This Redguard asks if you are alright and for your name which l…

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  • Melonhead101

    Top List

    July 6, 2014 by Melonhead101

    My Top 10 Races Are 10: Bosmer 9: Dunmer 8: Nord 7: Orc 6: Imperial 5:Agronian 4: Altimer 3: Khajitt 2: Breton 1: Redguard in oblivion

    My favorite birthsign is the ritual

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  • Melonhead101

    Have You Ever Noticed That Breton Late Game Seems 100% Superior To Some Other Charactars In Oblivion.

    This Is Evidence Of that

    Nord: 50% Frost Resistance

    Breton: 50% Magic Resistance

    Nord: 30% Shield 60 Seconds Greater Power

    Breton: 50% Shield 60 Seconds Greater Power

    Height: Only Thing Nord Wins At

    +50 Magic Vs         Once a Day 50 Frost Damage (Easiliy Pulled off with +50 Magic Multiple Times)

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