If I were to be able to make an Elder Scrolls VI this is what I would make.

Locations: High Rock, Cyrodil, Hammerfell, Summerset Isles

Plot: The Civil War in Skyrim was all according to the Thalmor's plan to weaken both Skyrim and Cyrodil. The Thalmor broke the White-Gold Concordant at the correct time and broke all the imperial friendships then finished off the Imperials in Cyrodil, The Dominion took over the Nords afterward. The Citizens of Hammerfell were frightened but to their surprise the Thalmor went after High Rock where The Player is located. You are taken into custody by the Thalmor and tortured until a redguard appears to your rescue. This Redguard asks if you are alright and for your name which leads to character customization. He tells you to follow him outside. Outside you see Thalmor killing Bretons  as well as a Redguard assistance. You are told to leave the city and to get to Orcisnuim, they ask you to find them some items before hearing you out (Unless you are an Orc). The Orcs try to get into battle immediately and tell you to travel to Cyrodil to spy on the Thalmor. Once you go you will find an insane amount of troops in Cyrodil and a group of Imperial Legion in hiding. You ambush the Thalmor and kill about 10 before you get locked up and sent to the Imperial Prison. In prison you are trapped for 3 days until a executer takes you out you have two options run or go with him if you run the Thalmor will kill you. You follow the executer to figure out it was an Imperial Soldier you met earlier. You are taken underground in the sewers. you are told to go back out of cyrodil. The Thalmor secretly had made the ship special.
The ship the Thalmor put you on is rigged with poisonous food and an assassin (A man on board will tell you so if spoken to). Later the ship begins to sink and hopefully you can safely escape the ship. You Come Back To High Rock to find the Orcs in trouble. You must stop the ships the High Elves are on from coming. Later you return to the orcs but this time the leader is dead. You find the materials to correctly bury the leader. The Orc's new captain is furious and gets out of control around the grave and Malacath Appears. Malacath tells You To Find Volundrung, then return to him. Once this task is completed he tells you to travel to Hammerfell and place the hammer in the hand of Baurus (The Same Guy From Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion). When you do this a ghost appears and travels to high rock to its defence and returns Volundrung to you for your use in a more usable condition. The rest is preparing a strike on the Altimer from Hammerfell and doing it. The Thalmor all get assassinated by you but one fights you in an epic battle wielding the Ebony Blade.
In Holding
Orcisnuim Request (Non-Orcs)
Spy of Empire
5 Man Ambush
Defence Of High Rock
A Fine Burial
Finding the Hammer
The Greatest Of The Blades
Hammerfell Armor Supply
Hammerfell Weapon Supply
The Grand Ship
Hammer VS Spell
The Assassin In The Council
Volundrung Versus Ebony Blade