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  • I live in warrington england
  • My occupation is sixth form colledge
  • I am male i think
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    October 21, 2011 by Mereth

    hey my names mereth because that's what i called one of my characters on oblivion he's nord and named after something that happend in skyrim , that i realy can't remember at this time :/ if you now what i think im talking about correct me because everyone learns from mistakes, don't be harsh we all like elder scrolls here :) also im fasinated with ebondy armor it's my favourite heavy armor and i also like blunt weapons instead of blades don't now wh i just have always like them and there value to me i also adore all of the marksman i can find bows arrows enchanted iteams that help you anything to do with the marksan skill and im all over it :) .

    ive been playing oblibion now since 2007 and had about 20 different people ve played as so if an…

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