Hello there,players! I know you've encountered several bugs within Dawnguard like: Serena glitch,Harkon glitch,nudity bug and so on...I believe that some of the bugs aren't dicovered here on TESWiki because Dawnguard is still new.

I'll tell you my problem now:

I've dont a part of the Vampire Quests: Rings of Blood magic,Protecting the Bloodline,Deceiving the Herd,Ancient Power,New Allengiances,Culling the Beast,The Hunt,Destroying the Dawnguard. Feran Sadri keeps giving me the quest 'Ancient Power' (he gave me this quest about 7 times). The other NPCs still give me quests about killing vampires and killing high profile civilians from towns.... I want to do the quest 'Amulets of Night Power' ,still I do not know how to solve this problem.

Why does Feran Sadri keep repeating quests?

Please,guys,answer me soon...