I know this is off-topic, but being unable to explain due to monthly ban, I'm hereby to announce my permanent quit of TES Sandbox Wiki.

To TES Sandbox Wiki Staff & Members:

Long before I joined the Sandbox Wiki, I was both fascinated and enthused to write stories, you provided me the opportunity and I was grateful for having an opportunity to do so.

However, being a naive individual, I often had disputes with other members or even inadvertently harassed them. Perhaps, I'm indeed unfitting for Sandbox Wiki, which is why I have considered a permanent quit.

Despite wanting to apologize to the one I offended, I was barred from writing an apology or an appeal regarding this. Words cannot describe my regret and depression. If I was given a chance to redeem myself, I will be more considerate. But knowing I was permanently unforgivable, I have decided to leave for good.

Thank you for taking care of me for a year, I'm always grateful, even though I failed your expectations.


To Non-Sandbox Wiki members:

Please help me to deliver this message to Sandbox Wiki staff, I want to speak of this matter at either here or my personal Chatango page, at least let the others know I have quitted for good.

Thank you for your concern.



Mhazard (talk) 15:12, June 22, 2016 (UTC)