I've been playing Dark Souls for the past month or so and I'm loving it. I'm particularly interested in the number of spells you can use and that got me wondering about new spell ideas for Skyrim. A few of the Dark Souls spells you can use allows you enchant your current weapon which not only increases the damage you do with that weapon, but it also gives your weapon a cool visual effect too (Example: the spell called Sunlight Blade gives your weapon a vibrant electric aura and the item Charcoal Resin gives your weapon a bright firey effect.

So the new weapon spells dubbed Flame/Frost/Lighting Weapon temporarily (emphasis on temporarily) enchants your weapon with a fire/frost/lighting damage effect and gives a matching flame/frost/lightning visual effect. Being Destruction type spells, they'll be effected by the respective Destruction perks. This way you can have a bad-ass Daedric Weapon with a fire effect.

Do any of you fellow Skyrim players have any other magic ideas. If so, describe your idea and name what magic category it falls under (Alteration, Destruction, Illusion, etc.)