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    Requires: Hearthfire, A lot of gold.

    Step 1: Go to a blacksmith (I recommend Warmaidens because it has two vendors).

    Step 2: Buy any iron ingots and ore they sell (If there not selling any wait 24 hours or go somewhere else).

    Step 3 (This is where Hearthfire comes in): Use the iron to make building materials (I recommend hinges because they can be sold for the most gold).

    Every time you make something your smithing skill increases slightly, keep doing this until you reach the level you want or run out of gold.

    Because of this my smithing went up by about 60 in one day and now I have Epic (I'm not just saying that it actually is Epic I tempered it) Ebony Gear :D.

    And plus if you are in the middle of building a house the bonus!

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