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    A diary of a Dragonborn.. with pictures!

    Atreyu's Photo Diary

    Covers the adventures of a Breton, new to Skyrim as he deals with the trials of being a Dragonborn, enemies, friends, including unusual things that can only be referred to as bugs and glitches.

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    I know there are probably thousands of articles like this on this site, but I have put together as much info as I could muster to create a balanced argument and find who really is in the right.

    Weighing up the pros and cons of each side and comparing them gives a pretty clear picture of which army should win the war.

    Some pros and cons cancel each other out, others don't have as much weight as some, but in the end a conclusion is made.

    The link to the article is here:

    The article says this too, but if you are RPing a specific character type, then one side may suit you more than the other, but if you're one of many who are playing in your own shoes and can't decide, this should help cle…

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