• Mr.Sleeping

    Skyrim glitch

    November 12, 2011 by Mr.Sleeping

    Felt I should post this for my fellow mages. My character became infected with vampirism and at the forth stage during the day I discovered my spells glitched. Namely flare, shock, and frostbite. I havent experimented intensely yet but if you repeatedly cast the spells quickly you eventually get a never ending flamethrower etc.

    Btw, I have not installed the day one patch

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  • Mr.Sleeping

    Right, so I've never done this (blog post) before, but I'll do my best to make this orderly and coherent. Hope I do this right. The following is a list of confirmed skills in Skyrim.

    Combat 1.Heavy Armor 2.Archery 3.One Handed 4.Two Handed 5.Block 6.Smithing

    Magic 1.Enchanting 2.Alteration 3.Restoration 4.Destruction 5.Conjuration 6.Illusion


    1.Light Armor 2.Sneak 3.Alchemy 4.Speechcraft 5.Security (lock picking) 6.???

    The last skill is up in the air as of this posting.

    Update 1: Security is confirmed - May 2011 interview.

    Q: How do you handle lockpicking?

    Todd Howard: We have a mini game for it. I hate the concept of mini-games! "Combat is also a mini game!". What I mean is that if there is a skill for it, then there must be some …

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