It has been an extremely long while since I have even set foot onto the Elder Scrolls Wiki, much less posted anything on here. About 2 minutes ago I was reminded that I have this old blog, and frankly, I miss it. So, I have returned to blow off the dust and start posting again. However, keep in mind that I am very busy at the moment and will not have a ton of time to post things. I'm sure you guys will survive. In the meantime, if you remember or have looked at my old posts, I had a Q&A and an Ironic News segment that I would do sometimes, answering questions and requesting Ironic stories. Which of those (if either) would you like to see return? Or do you have other ideas? Please share in the comments section below and I will most certainly get back to you. You can trust me. Or maybe you can't.

--Mr Stickm4n