I have been absent on here for quite some time. But I am back once more. Hello. In case you have forgotten me, I am Mr Stickman and I am awesome. Ring any bells? Anyway, in my absence, I have created my own YouTube channel and special, super awesome e-mail address. I am currently a little short on viewers and likes and comments and subscribers. So. My YouTube channel is Stickm4nPr0ductions. You can go and watch them and like them then click the like button. Then subscribe. Then comment. In that order. Unless you wish to do it in reverse order. That is allowed. Anyway. You can contact me through my special new e-mail I also have a super epic Steam group. Anyway. I will also probably be posting new blog posts on here. Once I get all the equipment I need, I shall start a Minecraft series on YouTube. Anway. Gutentaug. (I probably spelled that wrong)

--Mr Stickman