Well, it's been awhile since I have posted anything on my blog here. So, I decided to post this. I didn't really have anything to say on here. Well, I am very excited at how successful my Q&A with Mr Stickman series has gone so far. A lot of people have posted and and I have answered every question asked. [Except for that one question that someone else answered for me (shout out to AerintheGREAT)] So yeah. Thanks for posting all of the comments on here and my Q&A with Mr Stickman has made it to the top 4 most popular posts. (Yes!) So far my super awesome blog has been a success. So thank you. But everybody knows that it was all me. Alright, you had some part in it. A very small part. Maybe like 40%. But that shouldn't discourage you! Keep on posting! Maybe some day you'll make it to 41%!

--Mr Stickman