Are you ready to learn more life lessons? Well, today I am here to share with you a few more things to help you out in this cruel cruel world.

  1. No matter how cute it looks, never try to to cuddle with a porcupine
  2. Always remember, that strange person mimicking everything you do behind the glass, is your reflection
  3. If anyone asks, the chicken came first
  4. If you are headed to an area where enemies are dressed the same way as your companion, make sure to change his/her clothes or you may end up hacking away at them mercilessly only to realize hours later that your companion is missing
  5. Don't set your hair on fire
  6. Reading stupid blog posts like this is a waste of time

All of these lessons I have learned from experience. So, I would know.

(If you don't play Skyrim, you may not fully understand number 4.)

--Mr Stickman