Were you not satisfied with the tips I gave you last time? Well, here. I'll give you a couple more.

  1. Never eat Zombie flesh Under certain circumstances you may find yourself extremely hungry (a.k.a. starving) and may end up getting the sick idea in your head to eat of a dead zombie. DON'T DO IT! Not only is it extremely bad for you and will make you sick, but it can also carry the virus and may end up turning you.
  1. Collect Bottle Caps You never know when the entire world is going to suddenly change their currency to bottle caps. Start stocking up before hand. You'll be rich.
  2. Make the tough decisions When traveling in a group, it may fall to you to make the tough decisions when no one else will. For instance. You have this guy who has no talent whatsoever in guns or survival. It may fall to you to dump him off the team. It's good to travel in either small groups or really big groups. If you have a medium sized group then you may just have to dump that guy. And it's very easy. Just knock him over the head when he's not looking and move on.
  3. Use Trickery As you may have realized, Zombies are very stupid. It doesn't take much to fool them. For example. When you kill a zombie, make sure to cut off it's face and shape it into a mask. You won't catch the virus this way and it makes the zombies think your one of them.
  4. Be Prepared As the old billy-goat in Hoodwinked always said, be prepared! Make sure to stock up on supplies and such for in case of the apocalypse. You never know.

So, these were five more tips to help you survive. I'll admit they were far less funny than the last were. But at least you are more educated in how to ultimately survive in case of the zombie apocalypse.

--Mr Stickman