Ask me literally anything that you wish and I will try my absolute darndest to answer it. Yes. I just said that. There are, unfortunately as with most things, rules to this game. And now I will proceed to list them below because everybody loves lists.

1. I CAN answer any question. This does not mean that I WILL answer any question. I will answer most all of your questions, unless I decide otherwise. Those occasions are very rare, however, so ask away.

2. The answer I give may not necessarily be the one you are looking for. It will, however, still be correct.

3. There is the occasional time when I am wrong. This instance probably occurred due to lack of sleep or me forgetting the answer. I apologize if this happens to you, though I will try to answer all questions as correctly as I can.

So there are the 3 rules of Q&A. You probably don't remember me, or never saw any of my blog posts before. If you do or have, then you will know that I am rarely wrong, devilishly handsome, and absolutely hilarious. I'm not sure how you know the second thing, but you can just feel it in your heart. Either that or you stalk me and it's weird.

--Mr Stickm4n